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The historic town of Xàtiva

Have you ever heard of the Valencian town Xàtiva? Read on to learn about this town and its colorful history. In addition, Euroace has got an exciting day trip coming up on the 31st of January, open to Euroace students!


History of Xàtiva:

Historically, Xàtiva was one of the most important areas of the Valencia kingdom between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries. The main attraction you can see today is the stunning castle which displays remains from the Roman, Gothic and Islamic periods – not to mention an incredible view to the surrounding area.

During the Al-Andalus Islamic era, Arabs settled and thrived in this town. In the 12th century, Xàtiva was known for its schools, education, and intellectual circles. In fact, the town derives its name from the surname of Islamic scholar Abu Ishaq al-Shatibi, where he lived and died. After the Reconquista by the Christians, the city was home to some of the most powerful families in Europe, the House of Borgia, which produced Popes like Callixtus III and Alexander VI.

The people of Xàtiva are known as socarrats in the Valencian language. This literally means burnt! The reason behind this is that King Fernando V once ordered his army to set fire to the village in 1707 as part of the Batalla de Almansa. A portrait of King Fernando V now hangs upside down in the Valencia History Museum in reference to this.


Details of our upcoming excursion:

This charming town is located south of the city of Valencia, taking less than an hour to get to by car or train. It is certainly one of the most beautiful villages in this region! For Euroace’s excursion, we’ll be going there by train, leaving in the morning and coming back after lunchtime. In attendance will be Euroace students, as well as one of our staff monitors. Once there, we’ll go on a guided visit of the town, accompanied by an official guide from Xàtiva, where they will explain some of the history and its amazing architecture and sights! The visit will also include entry and a guided tour of the ‘Museo de Bellas Artes‘ (Museum of Fine Arts), as well as entry and a guided tour of the famous castle.


Interested in visiting Xàtiva?

If you’re a Euroace student interested in joining us on this day trip, get in touch via email for more details!


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