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Covid update from Valencia

With the health situation changing constantly across the globe, here we provide an update on current protocols in Spain and Valencia.

Spain’s current Covid-19 situation

Things have been settling into a ‘new normal’ here, as we get used to our regular habits of being careful to wash our hands, wearing masks in crowded places, and quarantining at home if we are feeling flu symptoms. Spain has been slowly introducing lighter restrictions to residents and tourists, while working to maintain a safe environment for all. When entering public establishments such as bars and restaurants, it’s a requirement to show a valid EU Digital COVID Certificate, commonly known as a ‘Green Pass’. Aside from this, the key protocols and control factors here are social distancing, the use of face masks, regular sanitization and disinfection, and PCR and antigen testing. As of February, 81% of Spain’s population is fully vaccinated, and programs are well underway in the regions to facilitate people to receive their booster shots.



Masks are still very much in use here, with people required to wear masks indoors, for example in the office, in public establishments, and on public transport. In Valencia, a new regulation was introduced on February 10th allowing people to not have to wear a face covering outside on the street, even if they can’t socially distance. However, rules remain in place to wear a mask outdoors if you’re at a large, crowded open-air event where you can’t socially distance, e.g. concerts or sports events.


Covid-19 protocols at Euroace

At Euroace, the health and wellbeing of our students is of utmost importance. It is a requirement that all students follow our Covid-19 safety protocols, which include wearing masks on the premises, and our staff check temperatures at the door and disinfect students’ tables and chairs after each use. We have hand sanitizer, disinfectant, and cleaning cloths available for all to use, and students can practice social distancing at their tables.


Traveling to Spain

As of February, rules remain in place for all passengers entering Spain from a country at risk of Covid-19 to show a valid document either proving vaccination, a negative diagnostic test, or a certificate of recovery from the virus. Travelers are also required to complete a Health Control Form, which can be accessed at the official Spain Travel Health website. For more information on the travel requirements from your country to Spain, all updated rules can be found at this website. Enter the website, select your country of origin, and find out all you need to know!


The outlook for the next few months

Things are getting back to ‘normal’ here in Valencia, as we learn to live with the new variant. With the majority of people here fully vaccinated and receiving their booster shots, the situation is improving, and international students are able to enter Spain with much more freedom and ease! We’re very excited to welcome new students to our ever-growing school, where they can develop their language skills all while enjoying the vibrant cultural opportunities Valencia has to offer.


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