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Group & Private Spanish Q&A

For those students wanting an intensive Spanish experience in Spain we give them the chance of group and private classe combined! It’s an ideal combination for those who are really motivated and want to progress as efficiently as possible.

We asked our student, Sophia, what this course was like and how combining group and private classes worked for her.


  1. Walk us through your day to day routine in Spain.

Every day I went to the EUROACE Language school to take my classes. I got to speak with my classmates from all over the world and I made lots of good friends. In my free time when I wasn’t studying I would go to the beach or visit the city with my new friends.


  1. How many hours of Spanish did you take per week?

My Intensive Spanish course included 4-5 hours of Spanish lessons every day. Usually 4 hours of group lessons and 1 hour of private lessons.

I only had 12 days in Spain so I wanted to use the time as best as I could. In total, I think I completed 48 hours of Spanish


  1. How would you describe the Spanish experience at EUROACE?

The Spanish classes, the Spanish teachers and the school were really great. The staff and teachers were very nice and open! Also, my schedule was flexible and i could plan my private classes really easily around my group course.

The Spanish school is located in the city center, so it was perfect to visit the city in my breaks and to go out for lunch or a coffee with friends.


  1. Did you get to practice Spanish outside the classroom too?

Yes, every day. 24/7! That’s because all of my friends in Valencia were from Colombia or other countries, but I didn’t know anyone from Germany. I enjoyed practicing with my friends and the classes helped me to feel more confident to speak with people in Spanish.


  1. Why did you choose to study Spanish in Valencia?

I chose Valencia because it’s a big city and it’s very close to the beach! There are so many options when going out, eating and doing things in your free time. Also, I went to Valencia in 2017 with my Spanish class from high school and I always remembered it was so beautiful.


  1. What were your impressions of Valencia as a city?

For me Valencia is a really big city because in Germany I live in a village close to a small city. The weather was really hot in June/ July during my program. Also, I found there are so many shops and places to visit in your free time. It is the perfect summer destination!


  1. Did you make many international or local friends?

Yes, the majority of people I met in Valencia were international students. I made friends from Italy, Colombia and Holland. We nearly always spoke Spanish together and only sometimes we would speak a bit in English


  1. What was your favorite part of studying Spanish abroad?

My favourite part was being with other people who were also studying Spanish, some who had a better level than me and some who didn’t. I really like to meet new people and to travel, and so this was the best part for me.



  1. Did the Intensive Spanish program live up to your expectations?

Yes! I wanted a program that pushed me to learn Spanish every day and that helped me to improve all parts of my language skills. Group classes were very interactive and my private classes worked on more specific things like grammar and the main mistakes I had in my Spanish.


  1. Would you recommend a EUROACE Spanish program in Valencia to your friends?

Yes, absolutely! I think EUROACE has really good teachers and the school is in a great central location. Also, it is a small school and I like this because it feels more personable and familiar.



Thanks for the insights Sophia! If you would like to take an intensive Spanish course as Sophia did, combining group and private classes in Valencia, just click here.

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