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Intern Abroad: A Day in the Life

A summer internship is a great way to make the most of your summer break! It’s an abroad adventure combined with gaining experience in your field.

If you’re wondering what the experience is like and what kind of day to day schedule you’re likely to have, here’s a good idea of what’s in store from one of our European students who took an internship in Valencia for 1 month.


1. Walk us through your day to day routine.

In my first week I got to meet my supervisor and new colleagues and started helping the company with basic tasks and getting used to working with their company programs.

My work schedule was 9am – 3pm most days, and some days I did extra work from home to complete my hours. It was a nice balance of working in an office and also exploring the city / learning the language in the evenings.


2. How many hours did you work per week and how much free time did you get?

I worked the standard 40 hours per week. I was able to combine working in the office with my company and working from home too. This was really great because it meant I could use some afternoons and evenings to have free time which i used for my Spanish classes and also to explore the city!


3. What were your main responsibilities as an intern?

My internship was based in the I.T sector so my main tasks included working with django framework for the first 2 weeks, on the frontend part with html, css, mjmllast.

For the second part of the internship I worked on the backend part mainly with python, forms, views, and models.


4. Why did you choose to intern abroad in Spain?

The program offered in Valencia was exactly what I was looking for. They had availability to work with python in programming which was really interesting for me.

Not to mention Spain is an economically developed country and so it was interesting for me to work with a company here and get some more experience.


5. What are the benefits of interning abroad in a city like Valencia?

Valencia is a city with so many things to do and sights to see. It is a big city so you don’t get bored and what’s great is that you can visit the beach which is so close!

6. Did you make many international or local friends?

Yes and some of them are not even from Spain. I got to know other people through my Spanish course and in the student apartment I was living in. I was surprised to meet so many people in just a 1 month program.


7. Did you get to practice Spanish at your internship?

Yes with my colleagues and sometimes with my supervisor. It is good to practice Spanish not only with friends and colleagues but also with strangers too. It helps you to feel less embarrassed and to get better at speaking Spanish.


8. Would you recommend an internship abroad in Valencia to your friends?

I would definitely recommend an internship abroad in Valencia!

It is a nice city, the people are friendly and they have a great culture to learn about.

The internship experience was really valuable for me and I can definitely use the skills I’ve learnt here in my future career.


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