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An Online Internship Experience

Online internships have increased significantly due to the global health crisis. Our programs have reached students all over the world when travel wasn’t an option, with a number of our students based in Asia.

Let us give you some more details about the online internship experience and hear from one of our long distance interns from China who took a program with us this year.


How does an online internship work?

An online internship is actually quite easy to apply for and very straightforward to take on! First things first, you must make sure you have time to take on a work position and be available for video calls, emails and online communication.

The application process starts by the student selecting their preferred field and providing an updated resumé (CV) and cover letter. Their profile is then reviewed in a selection process where several companies state their interest in the student. The student is placed with the company that best fits their profile and the process begins!

The intern has an online meeting with their new company supervisor where the details of the internship are outlined. Timetables, tasks, company platforms, and overall expectations are confirmed. After this, the intern begins to work with their new company as a ‘long-distance’ extra member of staff.


What kind of responsibilities can an online intern expect to be given?

This highly depends on the sector and each company’s objectives and projects! We can say that some of the main general online tasks are:

  • Market Research
  • Database entry and management
  • Content creation
  • Editing and Design tasks
  • Social media management
  • Translation work
  • Customer service and client outreach
  • Project development


2021 Online Internship Student Q&A


What online internship did you take?

I took an online internship in sport, specifically working with a professional club in their international department. I had to research the organizational structures of their different programs, the details about specific games, and also the development for their programs in the future.

My online internship lasted 2 months and during this process I learnt a lot from my supervisor and other colleagues about elite sport, structures of the company, and international development.


Why did you decide to take an online internship?

The first reason was to deepen my understanding of international business. Business students learn a lot about business, management and also organization, but what they are learning is just theory and knowledge.

In general, theoretical materials are not enough and that’s why I took an Internship. To practice real business issues, to learn about realistic and specific problems in management processes and learning more about problem solving. From my point of view, the goal of the internship is to help myself improve my working skills in a specific company. 


What kind of tasks were you assigned during your placement?

I was assigned to market research on many topics like football content, international rules for players, sponsor deals etc. I had to present my research projects in reports and discuss the results I found relating to development for my company.

I also worked on commercial activities using organizational skills and management skills. For example, I collected data from BBC, AFP, ANSA etc., I then processed and updated this information in the database.

Last but not least, I researched stats on Chinese football clubs and then provided some suggestions for potential partnerships and international expansion. My supervisor was always available to discuss my ideas and show my reports and final projects.


How will it help your future career?

I think that my experience of a 2 months online internship will be helpful for my occupation in the future. Making reports was helpful to improve my writing in English and communicating in my second language was also important to get better at doing this in my industry. The internship helped me to get familiar with the process of working in a real company, like a drill before being employed by an enterprise.


Overall, was it a succesful experience for you?

Overall, it was a positive experience. I has to use decision-making processes and provide suggestions according to different situations, which really helped my business skills. I am very happy to have this opportunity with a professional club and get more experience in football.


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