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Learning Spanish in Valencia Q&A

More and more students are looking to study abroad this summer and Spain is a prime destination for those looking to improve their Spanish skills! We interviewed our U.S. student, John Paul, on his Spanish course in Valencia to give you a better idea of what learning Spanish in Valencia is really like.


1. Why did you choose to study Spanish in Valencia? 

My three older siblings traveled to South American countries to study Spanish and I also had an interest in learning Spanish but decided that I wanted to travel to Europe instead. Spain is of course the best option to meet both of these goals! I found out about EUROACE and am extremely grateful that I chose this program as it has greatly impressed me and impacted me immensely. 


2. How long is your Spanish course and have you enjoyed it so far? 

My Spanish course is fourteen weeks. I am roughly halfway through my Spanish course and I wish I had more time! I have greatly enjoyed my time here. Each day I look forward to class as I get to connect with my friends and learn about Spanish, a subject which I love. 


3. Have you noticed any improvement in your Spanish abilities? If so, what kind of improvements have you noticed? 

Definitely! I have noticed improvements in multiple areas, particularly I have noticed that my Spanish comes much more naturally. For example, often I can respond in conversation very easily without having to think about each individual connecting verb and conjunction. Even difficult discussions are within my grasp with the vocabulary I’ve learnt.

4. What’s it like learning Spanish right now during the pandemic? 

It is of course harder and reduces the opportunities available. However, where possible, EUROACE has provided as many opportunities as possible despite the pandemic. 


5. What is EUROACE doing in terms of health and safety to keep students safe?

EUROACE has taken the necessary precautions to protect its students, even going so far as to clean seats after a student has used it temporarily. Regardless, I don’t think the Covid precautions have affected the quality of the program. 


6. Is the Spanish course what you expected? Have you been surprised by anything?

The simple answer is that is not what I expected. I am an American student and I have taken Spanish courses prior to traveling to Spain. In the U.S., the lessons focus primarily on grammar structure and writing. Compared to this, I find the EUROACE program to be a breath of fresh air.

Each lesson has a basic structure to keep lessons focused. However, the lessons have an open format that gives its instructors the freedom to cover topics thoroughly and adequately. The teachers use each minute to help us learn Spanish.


7. Would you recommend EUROACE Spanish school to your friends and to other future students? 

Absolutely! The program offers multiple options for how to format your lessons while not entirely taking up your schedule while traveling abroad.

This has been so important for me because it has allowed me to both learn Spanish quickly while also getting to enjoy traveling in a new country. 


8. What advice would you give to any future student who wants to take a Spanish course like you? 

The sooner you accept that Spanish isn’t the same as your home tongue the better. It’s a different language and that’s what makes it so exciting.

Secondly, I think it’s important to explore your preferred study tools. Some students (such as myself) enjoy using flashcards, others can keep pristine notebook notes (which I absolutely cannot do), still others prefer to use online resources like Quizlet. It’s important to find what works for you and take advantage of it.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that you will naturally be out of your element, so it’s important to put on a brave face and step outside your comfort zone. Many people are more than happy to help you learn the language!


Thanks John Paul for your thorough answers! International students can now apply for summer and fall Spanish courses in Valencia right here!

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