One of our most popular and affordable options for students is our group Spanish course. Nowadays, students can opt for this option online or in person. Our student Marek decided to study group Spanish with us in Valencia and here’s more about his experience…


  1. Why did you choose to study Spanish in Valencia?

Valencia is a beautiful city with a rich history, amazing beaches and mountains too. It is not as touristy as Madrid or Barcelona and it is the birthplace of paella and so many other delicious Spanish foods. Valencia is the perfect place to live and for me it is the number one city in Spain.


  1. How long is your Spanish course and have you enjoyed it so far?

I have been studying at Euroace for four months now and definitely plan to stay until I am fluent in Spanish.

Euroace is a very modern school with a family-type approach where I feel very comfortable. Spanish people, in general, are very talkative and passionate. Classes with the Spanish teachers are so enjoyable and entertaining. I guarantee you won’t be bored!


  1. Have you noticed any improvement in your Spanish abilities? If so, what kind of improvements have you noticed?

¡Cien por cien! ?

I had been living in Valencia for a year before I started studying at Euroace. I wasn’t able to speak at all. After only four months and a little bit of practice, I can deal for instance with the customer service over the phone or delivery guys. It is much easier for me to deal with people at different offices, shops, etc. Spanish people are very helpful and empathetic so you don’t have to be shy to speak. They will always do the maximum to understand you and help you.


  1. What’s it like learning Spanish right now during the pandemic?

I am so glad that we could continue at Euroace even during the pandemic when most of the institutions were closed. Honestly, I do not feel any big difference studying during the pandemic. Yes, the bars and restaurants are closed but the parks are full of native Spanish speakers so you can always find someone to have a conversation with.


  1. What is EUROACE doing in terms of health and safety to keep students safe?

Euroace follows strict regulations from the government so I was not scared at all attending in person. Everybody at the school wears a mask, temperature is checked at the entrance, disinfection gels are everywhere and the tables and chairs are frequently disinfected as well. All the windows are kept open so there is no need to worry at all. At least for me.


  1. Is the Spanish course what you expected? Have you been surprised by anything?

I think the course has exceeded my expectations. It took me usually many years to get to a basic level with the other languages I speak. With Spanish, it was much faster. The classes are very well structured so you will understand everything pretty quickly. In combination with the amazing
teachers they have, you should be able to start speaking in a couple of months.


  1. Would you recommend EUROACE Spanish school to your friends and to other future students?

Totalmente! I did already!


  1. What advice would you give to any future student who wants to take a Spanish course like you?

I was really surprised by how similar Spanish is to Slavic languages. I would never say that so much grammar is almost identical. It makes learning Spanish much easier. Some things might seem a bit difficult at the beginning but once you get into it, you will find out that it’s not difficult at
all. Try a couple of months and see yourself!


Thank you very much Marek for your kind reviews and for giving our future students a greater insight into our group courses.