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Comunidad Valenciana Series: Part 1

With Covid 19 still affecting our freedom to travel, we wanted to bring you a blog series that gives you more ideas about traveling in the Valencia region!

Long trips still not being on the cards simply means that you can plan smaller, more local trips instead. Here we bring you the first of a series of blogs which are set to reveal some hidden gems in the Comunidad Valenciana.



This charming town is located south of the city of Valencia taking less than an hour by car or train. It is certainly one of the most beautiful villages in this region!

Historically, Xàtiva was one of the most important parts of the Valencia kingdom between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries. The main attraction is the stunning castle which displays remains from the Roman, Gothic and Islamic periods – not to mention an incredible view!

The people of Xàtiva are known as socarrats (in the Valencian language). This literally means burnt! The reason behind this is that King Fernando V once ordered his army to set fire to the village in 1707 as part of the Batalla de Almansa. A portrait of King Fernando V now hangs upside down in the Valencia History Museum!



Ibi. a.k.a Villa del Juguete is the perfect destination to take the kids. This town produces more than 40% of the nations toys manufactured in Spain – hence it’s nickname! You can visit the Museo del Juguete here too which exhibits old toys from a century ago and shows how our hobbies have evolved over time.

You must pay a visit to the Hotel del Juguete where every single room is customized and dedicated to a specific toy, from LEGO to video games. It’s a blast!

Despite being an industrial village Ibi is actually a quiet and welcoming town with beautiful architecture to see – it’s a great day out!



The least famous of the villages from today’s blog is Chodos. Almost 2 hours from Valencia city by car, it’s located at the bottom of Penyagolosa, the second tallest mountain in the Valencian Community. 

It’s a rural village with a population of around 100 inhabitants! It’s stone walls and paving stones make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time and a day trip is enough time to witness the beauty this small town offers.


Keep an eye out for more hidden gems in the region of Valencia via our Comunidad Valenciana series! Stay tuned here.

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