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Spanish in Valencia Q&A

Thanks to our student Will from the U.S. for sharing his experience in Valencia with us. He is a returning student who studied with us prior to the pandemic and has returned to continue learning Spanish this spring!

Check out what he had to say about his Spanish course and learning experience in Valencia.


1. Why did you choose to study Spanish in Valencia?

I chose to study in Valencia after I came here for a study abroad trip with my university. After that, I became more and more interested in Spanish and knew I had to find a way back!

Luckily I found a job as an auxiliar here teaching English classes. To instruct classes better and to communicate with those around the city, I found Euroace to help develop my Spanish skills. I thought I might be uncomfortable in classes since many people were here studying with their university but after the first day that worry dissipated and I felt more and more comfortable each day after that.

2. How long is your Spanish course and have you enjoyed it so far?

I have been studying with Euroace for 6 weeks so far this year but I also did a number of weeks before Covid-19 last year. I enjoyed it so much last year that it wasn’t even a question if I would return. Even though they’ve adjusted classes due to Covid restrictions I still find them very enjoyable.


3. Have you noticed any improvement in your Spanish abilities?

I have noticed several improvements in my time here at Euroace. One of the most important for me was my confidence with the language. I found that I knew a decent amount but I was always afraid of getting it wrong so I wouldn’t say anything! That certainly stunted my growth.

After being at Euroace my confidence with the language is so much better that I now feel comfortable starting conversations rather than waiting on someone to start one with me. One other improvement was my usage and understanding of the past tenses. While I still stumble sometimes I now have been to enough classes where I can now think and conjugate without thinking too hard about it.

4. What’s it like learning Spanish in a pandemic?

Learning Spanish during the pandemic has opened up new ways to learn for me. From online learning to smaller class sizes, albeit the classes here have always been a nice enough size to feel like it was personal learning and that certainly hasn’t changed.

Of course following restrictions such as mask rules, sanitizing after every class, and venting the rooms by opening the windows. Despite all of these things I don’t think they’ve changed my ability to learn here or my enjoyment of the classes. If anything the masks make me talk louder which isn’t a bad thing when trying to pronounce new words!


5. What is EUROACE doing in terms of health and safety to keep students safe?

I feel as though Euroace is taking the health and safety guidelines seriously which is very nice for me. Providing disinfectant gel just about everywhere, taking temperatures at the door so that way you don’t risk endangering other students, and for those who are still a little uncomfortable they have online classes available. I feel like they are making a safe and comfortable learning environment despite the craziness that is happening around us. 


6. Is the Spanish course what you expected? Have you been surprised by anything?

It’s everything that I expected, the only thing I have been surprised by is the consistency of quality lessons despite the rapidly changing restrictions and all.


7. Would you recommend EUROACE Spanish school to your friends and to other future students?

I absolutely would and already have suggested Euroace to several people I know. I would recommend it to future students – these people treat you right!

8. What advice would you give to any future student who wants to take a Spanish course like you?

The best advice I can give anyone is really just do it! It’s the best way to get started. Jump in, you can do more than you think. Euroace is a great place to enhance your Spanish skills and they have great connections here to make your life in Spain easier and friendlier. Take advantage of the great opportunity, you can do it!


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