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Online Sports Internship Q&A

Finding an opportunity online in the sports field is not easy. Many sports internships require in-person hours to be completed, and so our 100% online programs are unique in that sense.

We asked our international student, Mikha, for her feedback and for any advice for other students looking to take a sports internship exclusively online.


1. Why did you choose to take an online sports internship?

The main reason for choosing an online internship was that due to the current circumstances in the world, the opportunities were limited to find a «traditional» internship, therefore, as everyone was staying at home, I decided to find a solution and try an online internship!

2. Tell us more about your sports internship and the specifics of your internship position.

At the moment, I’m working as an assistant to the technical coordinator of the international department of a professional football club.

During the program, the first couple of weeks were dedicated to educational purposes, meaning that I was learning the structure, methodology, and psychology of the club.

After this we moved on to more technical tasks, for example at the moment I’m working towards selecting specific training drills for one of the international academies of our club.


3. Has the online internship placement been what you expected so far?

To be honest, it is more than I expected because I didn’t think that I was going to study the methodology and structure of the club! This really helped me understand how the club operates and why are they successful, and generally gave me a lot of knowledge about how clubs are managed at a different level.

Also, I’m always receiving feedback on my work which is crucial for developing my way of thinking and other skills related to the technical side of football.


4. Have you received sufficient support and guidance from your internship supervisor?

For sure, my supervisor is always staying active and keeping me up to date about the schedule over the upcoming weeks, the plans, our objectives, etc.

The best thing is that he always finds time to listen to my ideas and I’m really happy about that because now I have a person with whom I can share my ideas and get the best feedback from an expert in this industry.


5. What’s it like taking an internship right now during a pandemic?

It is very different, of course. It is a totally different experience, even the coaches whom I’m working with are staying at home, so it is a bit strange because we are not used to this kind of internship.

Nevertheless, it is a different experience and the more diverse experience we have, the more adaptable we will be when we start our career. 


6. What are some benefits of interning online with an international company?

The best thing for me is that now I can do my studies and internship at the same time. In reality, the internship should be based in Valencia and my university course in Barcelona. If it was not online, I would not have been able to complete both at the same time! Therefore, an online internship gives me an opportunity to be in two locations at once.


7. Would you recommend an online internship to others who have never done one before?

Absolutely, I would recommend an online internship to everyone because when looking at the current circumstances, many employees are forced to work from home. This way, an online internship gives you an insight and experience of working from home and in case there is a similar situation in the future and we have to work from home, we will already have an idea about how is it like to work remotely.


8. What advice would you give to any future student wanting to take part in the same experience you have?

Go for it, get as much and diverse experience as you can before graduating from your university. The more internships you have completed before graduating, the more steps ahead you are compared to your peers.

Absolutely consider taking an online internship because it is a unique experience that will help you save time and do many things at the same time.


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