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Online Spanish Q&A

We’re grateful to our student Chloe for answering a quick Q&A about her online Spanish experience. Chloe took online classes to prepare herself for a study abroad program in Valencia. We caught up with her before she embarked on her trip to Spain, to see how the online classes helped her to get ready for it…


1. Why did you choose to study Spanish online?

I am going to do an internship in Valencia, Spain and I wanted to start learning Spanish before I got there. My life is pretty busy, so I wanted to have a way to prepare myself for my internship and jumpstart my Spanish in a way that also fits into my schedule. 


2. How long is your online Spanish course and have you enjoyed it so far?

I started my online classes in November and I have really enjoyed them. My teacher is great and was able to figure out where I was in my Spanish journey and tailor-make the classes to fit my needs.

My internship starts in March. So all in all I will be doing Spanish lessons online for about four months. 


3. Do you feel as though your Spanish abilities are improving? If so, what particular changes or improvements have you noticed?

I cannot overstate how much my Spanish has improved in such a short amount of time. My comprehension has increased significantly and now I can have conversations with my teacher 100% in Spanish!


4. What’s it like learning from a native Spanish teacher through an online course?

I really wanted to find a Spanish teacher that spoke Spain Spanish, since my internship is in Spain. It has been very helpful because I not only learn Spanish but I am also learning about cultural nuances. It is also helpful to learn the Spanish way of pronouncing words and the slightly different vocabulary than Latin American Spanish.

5. What are the advantages of online language learning?

Online learning has been a huge asset for me. My life is very busy and I do not have time to drive to a local school and do classes here in Denver. The online format fits easily into my schedule and allows me to learn Spanish while also working and doing all of my other important activities. 

6. Would you recommend a EUROACE online Spanish course to your friends?

Absolutely! EUROACE has been nothing but helpful. I have enjoyed all of my classes and my teacher is very competent and friendly! 

7. What advice would you give to any future student who wants to take an online Spanish course like you have?

Although learning a new language can be very intimidating, just take it one step at a time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, your teachers are there to help you.

What has also been helpful to me is separating time each week to study and do my homework. Doing the homework is essential to being successful in learning Spanish, so make sure you have ample time to do it! 


Thanks Chloe! If you want to find out more about online Spanish courses, check out our online courses right here.

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