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Summer Study Abroad Forecast

Let’s look ahead to summer 2021 and what’s in store for international students looking to study abroad.

We can base our summer study abroad forecast on what we know now and how things have been progressing in Spain and in Europe since the beginning of the year. Of course there are no guarantees, but summer 2021 feels like the fresh start we all need!


Online & In-Person Programs

This summer you can definitely expect to find increased online opportunities available as well as a mix of the two! Many study abroad organizations will have online tools in place to make your program more accessible, more adaptable, and safer too.

Study abroad is totally possible this summer! It will require more health checks and safety protocols but nevertheless this is becoming our normal day to day anyway. The online flexibility of programs this year, e.g. online orientations, online classes, virtual internship meetings and more, means a more diverse study abroad experience and makes sure that you don’t miss out on anything!


Safe Travels

Traveling abroad is much safer and more controlled than last year. Airlines are requiring greater safety measures from passengers before and during travel, as well as stipulating social distancing – even taking out the option of the middle seat on flights!

There will be stricter protocols all round – even on local transport and at your study abroad locations – which is a huge positive for students’ safety and comfort this summer.


The Covid Passport

This idea is still developing but by the summer it could be ready to go! While the Covid passport is causing some controversy, the EU is working on a Covid certificate which is similar to the Green Pass in Israel and China’s vaccination certificate.

Spain is in favor of a document that makes traveling easier for those who have been fully immunized against Covid. It is a way for those who have been fully vaccinated to travel more easily and to reactivate the economy in Europe.


Student Documents

If you need a Visa to travel our advice is to apply as soon as possible for your summer 2021 program. Why? Many Visa application centers reduced their operations in 2020 and while they are now returning to normal, you should expect delays! It can take up to 3 months or more to process Visa applications, so it is best to start the process ASAP!

If you are visiting Spain for less than 90 days or you are an EU citizen, then a Student Visa is not a requirement. However, you need to follow other travel rules. Travel.State.Gov is really useful to keep updated on all international travel safety rules. You can download the app and receive alerts for your specific country!

Right now, traveling to Spain has two main rules which are super easy to comply with. Check out this link to access the Health Control form which is necessary to present upon arrival. Also, you will need proof of a negative PCR test taken within less than 72 hours of travel – so make sure to organize this before your trip.


Study Abroad in Spain

If Spain is your chosen destination this summer, keep updated! Check out local Covid progress and regulations to abide by. Valencia is moving positively in the right direction and study abroad organizations, schools, and universities have all been operating at full attendance and capacity since the beginning of 2021!

In terms of student enrolments we are seeing a boost for late spring and summer attendance, and we only predict this will continue as the vaccine reaches more and more people, travel is made more secure, and safety protocols are strictly followed all around the country!


If you need further details about Valencia, Covid protocols, summer applications and more, please contact us here.

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