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Internship Supervisor Q&A

It’s always interesting to see what our internship supervisors think about international internships and the students they receive through our programs. We decided to interview one of our partner company supervisors who we have been collaborating with for 8+ years. It’s great to hear his perspective on what interns can get out of an overseas internship experience.


1. What type of company do you work for and how long have you been working in this industry?

I run a consultancy, training and education firm. I have been working in this industry for more than 25 years.


2. Why are internship students important for your company?

We enjoy hosting internship students because they bring new insights from young and foreign eyes. They quickly get used to the adaptable and learning environment at our firm and they help us to develop some tasks that we have in progress.


3. Do you think internships are important for career development?

I think it is essential for young people because they can see what it’s like to work in their chosen career and also because they can learn many important skills that they will use in the future.


4. How much experience have you had working with international interns?

I have been working with international interns and EUROACE for more than 8 years. During this time we have had interns from so many different countries and it always brings something new to our team and the projects we are doing.


5. What are the advantages of working with international interns?

Definitely the perspectives from other countries are always welcome. We like to hear new ideas and this is something international interns really help us with. Plus they assist with different projects and help us to make more progress.


6. Are there any difficulties taking on international interns?

Yes, sometimes there can be communication difficulties if international students are taking internships with us in person and they have to work in teams with multiple people. Maybe it takes longer to complete projects because of misunderstandings but this is normal.

I would say that there are less difficulties taking interns online because for online tasks it’s 1:1 with the mentor. So communication is clear.


7. What advice would you give to a student who wants to take an international internship in the future?

I would say if a student wants to intern with a company like ours where we use Spanish every day, that they should get more preparation in the language. Learning Spanish is a sure way to help your international experience.


8. From your experience, how can international interns benefit from the experience?

They can benefit by learn about different topics, to get challenged and improve their organizational skills. Also, they learn about a new culture and new ways of working in their career.


Internships are provided online and in Spain, and there are so many possibilities available. For more information on different sectors and internship opportunities, click here.

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