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What do you get with a Remote Internship?

Are you finishing your degree and looking for the next step in your professional life? Or are you simply looking to gain some experience in your field before starting university?

A remote internship sounds unusual at first but with everything transferred online these days, it’s actually quite a natural and productive way to step onto the career ladder.

Here’s a better idea of what you get when you sign up for an internship online.


Safe & Simple

Taking into account the current climate due to Covid-19, a remote internship definitely offers young professionals a safer alternative! That’s not to say in-person placements aren’t safe but going for a remote position eliminates the need for daily commutes or international flights if you choose to intern overseas. It’s a safety net too if things do take a turn for the worst and you need to rush home urgently.

The simplicity aspect comes when organizing the position. No need for extra paperwork, travel documents like getting a Visa, or complying with Covid-19 travel laws. It’s as simple as going through the internship application process online and when your profile is selected by a company, all there is to do is take the online interview with them. (Dressing formal is still required though, even from afar!)


Professional experience

What really matters when doing an internship is to gain good experience in your sector. This is the main goal and the main benefit too. Remote training can definitely bring great opportunities to students just as in-person training can. While working online students gain experience, connect with other professionals, and learn the ins and outs of a successful company.

The intern can still be involved in team meetings, team email threads, decisions, projects and presentations. Not to mention that working with various software and platforms can help to improve digital skills and grant access to learning tools that not everybody is able to work with.


Time management

Remote interns have daily or weekly online meetings with their supervisors. During these videoconferences, students are required to discuss their work, give reports, receive feedback, update their task lists and solve any doubts they may have. This is the same as any other regular internship and is a vital component to learning and career growth.

Interns have to be responsible, organized and definitely put their time management skills to the test. This is even more important online as meetings are scheduled to suit both time zones, meaning you have to be punctual! Students work on summarizing information and presenting work clearly and effectively – all skills that contribute to personal and career growth.


New cultural connection

During an online internship you will have video meetings with your supervisors and colleagues. International internships are usually taken in English, but when possible, you can try to speak in their language. Being adaptable and enthusiastic is really well received by international companies.

If interning out of Spain, it’s a big opportunity to learn Spanish and improve your language skills, even learning different kinds of pronunciation and accents from your colleagues! Forming new connections overseas and learning about the work and life culture is important and enriching! It’s an experience you wouldn’t have in a locally based internship.


So there you have it, some of the top benefits of taking a remote international internship. If you are interested in finding out more about online internships and what’s required to sign up, contact us.

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