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Spanish Teacher Q&A

Our Spanish courses are underway in 2021 and we have already welcomed several new students this year! Our Spanish teachers have lots of experience working with international students and here we sat down with our Spanish teacher, Mar, to get her perspective on Spanish classes under current circumstances, working with international students and teaching Spanish at EUROACE.


1. What’s the best thing about teaching international students?

One of the things I really like is that our groups are multicultural which I think is really interesting for me and for them. I always say ‘I love to travel’ in my classes!

In terms of practicing their speaking skills, it’s really enriching for them because they have the chance to talk about what things are like in their countries such as their customs, the way of life etc. Being able to help them and see their progress with the language is very rewarding for me too.


2. Tell us more about how students learn Spanish at EUROACE. 

At EUROACE we teach in a practical way with conversation being a fundamental element of every class. We adapt classes to cater to students’ interests and lifestyles, as well as their timetables. The students are the focus of the class and so we make sure our teaching materials are both relevant and effective for each group. It’s quite common for students to choose topics or certain themes when we are practicing different linguistic skills.


3. How is EUROACE different from other Spanish schools?

I think the main thing that separates EUROACE from the rest is their ability to adapt to each and every one of their students. Not only because of the variety of programs they offer but also because the student is always at the center and we adapt to their circumstances and interests. It’s one of the foundations of EUROACE and it’s a big part of how we teach our courses and approach each student’s learning experience.


.4. Why do you think so many students want to learn Spanish?

Spanish is a very important language that is spoken in many countries across the world. Therefore learning it opens people up to a variety of opportunities, both professionally and in other areas of life.


.5. Do students get extra support at EUROACE if they need it?

 Of course, all the time! Students know that they can go to any teacher or member of staff for anything they need, whether it be to do with classes or something else. We are always available to help them with all aspects; like meeting new people, adapting to the city and the Spanish culture, organizing activities etc.


6. What’s your favorite thing about being a teacher at EUROACE?

I love being given the freedom to design my own classes and I enjoy the good vibes we have with the staff and students. It’s also great to see the students improve and know that the classes have been useful for them.


.7. What has it been like teaching Spanish during a pandemic?

It has been challenging! It has not been an easy ride but now I think we are unstoppable. It has been great to see that distance cannot stop people’s desire to learn nor connections made in class, namely between students in person and those connecting online.


8. What is EUROACE doing in terms of health and safety to keep teachers and students as safe as possible?

As students arrive we take their temperature, also it’s mandatory for them to wear a mask and to use hand sanitizer. We make sure to social distance and we always ventilate and disinfect the classrooms after every class. These measures now form part of our day to day life, so students just like teachers are used to it. ☺


9. What advice would you give to future students who want to learn Spanish?

I would say to any student looking to come to Valencia and learn Spanish to enjoy it as much as they can! Keep an open mind and a positive attitude. Also, try and get in contact with the language as much as possible in all ways, not just in the classroom.


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