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2021 Study Abroad Alternatives

For many of you, study abroad this year still isn’t on the cards. Not to worry! There are so many online opportunities, cultural programs, and educational events available to you … you just have to know where to find them.

Here’s a round up of study abroad alternatives for you, making sure you still get that cultural experience, even through your computer screen!


Online Study Abroad Opportunities


Learn Spanish with other internationals

An awesome way to get that study abroad feeling is to join other international students online! Group courses are your best bet because a) they’re more affordable and b) you’re most likely going to meet people from different countries and cultures.

Online classes allow you to learn via digital tools from native teachers, practice your communication skills, meet other internationals and join group discussions in different forums or online classrooms. It’s a great alternative to actual study abroad in 2021!


Volunteer for an international NGO

While you may not be able to volunteer overseas, maybe your existing skills, background education, or willingness to learn can help! NGOs and other non-profit organizations are still working hard, maybe harder than ever, to reach their communities amidst a pandemic!

If you are good at design, marketing, writing, talking, even organizing – then applying for an online volunteer position may be a great path for you right now. Check out online volunteer programs to see what you can find and make the most of your extra time! EUROACE Volunteer programs right here.


Career Growth

Your professional experiences don’t have to stop because of the current situation. In fact, you can find so many internships or part time jobs online. Internships are a great way to grow your knowledge and skills, while still doing your studies or working on the side.

If you’re taking an internship remotely, why not intern with a company based overseas and get a cultural experience as well? Many of our online interns have even combined their internship positions with Spanish classes, getting to know the Spanish culture even better and to better relate to their new Spanish colleagues too.


One-to-one Spanish

Online learning is huge right now, especially when it comes to language learning. Private classes are a sure way to work on your mistakes with native guidance. They really can help you make progress fast and this could be down to lots of speaking time which in’t usually the case on group courses.

If you’re considering taking up Spanish, going on a refreshers course or looking for something more intensive – you can find it! Really, language learning has never been made simpler and easier than it is right now. Online courses are utilizing digital tools and easy-to-use learning platforms, making it accessible for everyone and a recipe for success!


International Education Events

If you are wanting to attend study abroad in the future, there are lots of online events discussing the situation right now. Go to major study abroad providers’ websites and see what kind of free events they are offering. They suggest key alternatives to study abroad and awesome learning ideas that make sure you don’t miss out! If you want to stay tuned, be sure to follow our EUROACE Blog.


For more information on Online Courses and what they include, check out our EUROACE Online Internship programs and Online Spanish courses.

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