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Online Marketing Internship Q&A

Online internships are making sure career development opportunities are still accessible and attainable during these times. We have had strong interest in our marketing and business internships out of Spaina positive step for our international students and local partners in Spain.

If an online Marketing internship or any kind of online internship is of interest to you or somebody you know, then this interview may help!


  1. Why did you choose to take an online internship?

I decided to take an online internship because I was not able to study abroad in fall 2020 due to COVID and thought this would be a good way to connect with people in a different country and gain valuable professional experience. I felt it was a great way to get that professional experience with the flexibility I needed due to a full school course load and extracurricular activities. Especially now, online communication is important for both school and work so I also thought this experience would be useful in gaining important professional communication skills. 


  1. Tell us more about your online experience and your internship position.

The internship program was an eight-week program in which I was placed with a company to work with. The internship position I took was a marketing and communications internship with a company based in Spain that distributes karate gear. I was given specific tasks each week in which I was to complete and send back to my supervisor by our mutually decided due date. Some examples of the tasks I was given are writing blog posts using key words to improve the website traffic and SEO, writing captions for Facebook and Google ads, market research, and creating a database of potential clients in the United States.

Another part of my tasks was translating paragraphs and descriptions for the website into English as to make the site more understandable and more attractive for the English speaker. 


  1. Has the internship placement been what you expected so far? 

Yes. The internship description for the company I was working matched perfectly to what I was expected to do throughout the program. I felt the amount of work and time I was given to complete the tasks were fair and clearly outlined. It was definitely manageable with my other commitments too.


  1. Did you receive enough support and guidance from your internship supervisor?

Yes definitely. My internship supervisor gave me a great deal of support. The most important thing she did in order to facilitate my success during the position was to keep the line of communication open between her, myself, and our other coworkers. I was encouraged to ask questions, do research, and learn what I could about the company and industry. 


  1. What is it like taking an online internship during a pandemic?

Taking an online internship right now during a pandemic I feel is the same as if it were a remote internship during a normal time. I think this has given me great experience for any remote internships in the future for example any other internships this year that may be with a company but online.


  1. Would you recommend an online internship program to your friends?

Yes, I would recommend an online internship program to my friends because you are able to meet and work with people that you would have never crossed paths with before. It opens up a whole new network.


  1. What advice would you give to future students who want to take an online internship like you?

The advice I would give to future students is to reach out to your supervisor if you have any questions or need help because they are your best link to completing the assigned tasks correctly. I would also recommend planning out when you are going to complete each of the tasks and spreading it out over multiple days to manage your time and not get overwhelmed.


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