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Student Interview: Online Internship

Due to many students opting for online internships this year, we took the chance to interview our student Gabi who connected to her Spanish based position from the U.S.

She completed an online placement for 10 weeks and here you can find out a bit more about how she benefited from the experience and what it was like to intern remotely with a Spanish company.

1. Why did you choose to take an Online Internship?

I chose to take an online internship to gain some hard skills that I couldn’t have learned elsewhere. The internship being online also made it convenient and safe, which was a priority for me, considering we are still in a pandemic. 

2. Tell us more about your Internship program and your Internship position.

I was placed with a Spanish pet food company and my job consisted of a few different tasks but mainly focused on understanding marketplaces, calculating product profitability, and inputting new products to be sold on new marketplaces. The position involved varied responsibilities and overall i’d say it helped me to better understand the international market and the different elements of online sales.


3. Has the internship placement been what you expected so far? 

My internship placement has exceeded my expectations so far! My supervisor has been very helpful and has allowed me to take the lead on some projects. In the 10 weeks i’ve been interning remotely I have been able to accomplish far more than I thought I would be able to. It has been really enjoyable and definitely worth it.


4. Have you received sufficient support and guidance from your Internship supervisor?

Yes, I have received a lot of support and guidance from my supervisor. We meet about once a week to discuss what I should be working on throughout the week, but he is always available to answer any questions through email, messaging, or phone calls so I don’t feel as far away from the company as I actually am in distance!

5. What’s it been like taking an Internship even though we are in a pandemic?

Having the option of working an internship from the safety of my home has been more than ideal. While I was looking for local internships, I was worried about having to go to a physical worksite. Opting for a remote position gave me the flexibility and concentration I was looking for.

I was also originally worried that the 8 hour time difference would make it hard to have meaningful and constant connections with my placement, but my supervisor has been very accommodating and it hasn’t been a problem at all. 


6. Would you recommend an Online Internship with EUROACE to your friends / fellow students?

I would recommend an online internship to my friends, especially now that we are all quarantined at home. There are options for almost every interest which I found very attractive. Not to mention it’s a great use of the extra time we’ve been given.

7. What advice would you give to any future student looking to take a Remote Internship like you?

I would tell a future student who wants to intern to see every task given to you by your supervisor as an opportunity to gain skills and experience. If your supervisor sees that you are productive in getting your work done and are detail-oriented, they are likely to give you projects that require more responsibility. It’s really all about the effort and concentration you put into it.


If you want to find out more information on what remote internships are like and how to apply, just go to our Remote Internships page.

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