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5 Tips for Online Learning Success

Are you taking an online Spanish course? Or considering an online course in the near future? Online courses are not as overwhelming nor as difficult as you think they may be. While online learning may be less personable and more distracting than in-person courses, they are certainly a great option under the current circumstances!

To get the most out of your online Spanish course and achieve learning success, we give you 5 of our top tips!


Using Multiple Screens

Most online courses utilize digital tools, interactive links and extra materials to facilitate the learning process. As you can imagine, it can get quite annoying to constantly flick back to different screens and tabs. Not to mention you can waste time doing this and alter your focus from the class itself.

That’s why we highly recommend using two or more screens for class. Maybe using your Tablet or your Smartphone to open the learning materials without closing the main window of the online lesson. This will allow you to have the materials handy while not losing focus or attention to your teacher!


Quiet Work Area

Even during in-person classes it can be hard to focus. Being at home poses even more distractions! That’s exactly why we suggest creating your own work desk which feels more like a space in which you can concentrate, and that is as far as possible from other distractions e.g. T.V. and other people! Keep your desk organized, fresh, clean and well-lit to boost your learning abilities.



Not being present in the classroom with the teacher can pose some problems when it comes to understanding class content as well as connection difficulties or noise interference. Of course, this is a given challenge when learning online but it doesn’t have to hinder your success.

To improve the sound quality of the class be sure to use headphones or earphones. This will help you to zoom in on the lesson and block out extra noise.


Just Ask

The last tip leads us perfectly into this one. A major downfall for online students is not feeling confident enough to ask the teacher questions, in fear of stopping the rhythm of the class or simply not having the confidence to do so. Remember, an online class is the same as any other class. You are going to have doubts and you’ll surely have some questions. The teacher knows this and will probably set aside some time for questions, but if they don’t, make sure you speak up. Communication is vital to online learning.

As we said before, sometimes noise can interrupt the communication and it’s harder to understand the teacher. Thats why it’s essential to ask the teacher to solve any of your doubts, instead of not grasping the right concepts. In the end, it’s part of your success.


Avoid Wi-fi

Online courses do have the disadvantage of relying on a good Internet connection to have success. So, this is why it’s really important to cover all bases in this area!

Connecting to Wi-Fi can sometimes lead to interference difficulties, so the best way to avoid this and to improve the quality of your network connection is to connect your laptop or computer to a router with an Ethernet wire. This will create a more stable connection for your classes and increase the success of your online learning so that you don’t have to worry about this part.


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