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How Can a Remote Internship Help Your Future Career?


Professional guidance

One of the great things about an online international internship is the expert guidance you’ll receive. Studying a subject is one thing and working in the professional world is a new thing entirely. What’s great about an online internship is that you can dive into your field in a real life setting and interact with other business professionals you wouldn’t usually have the hope of meeting. Setting objectives, discussing business development, contributing ideas, and receiving feedback sessions are some of the unbeatable learning opportunities available. Interning online will only complement your studying and give you the necessary experience to feel confident about your future career.


Balancing education & Internship

What most students don’t realize is that a remote internship can be full or part time, meaning, it is absolutely possible to combine an online internship with your studies.

Under current pandemic circumstances, there are even more companies in Spain looking for online assistance and especially international interns. With demand increasing, it’s a great time to seize this opportunity for yourself and your future career. If you’re willing to put in the time and do the extra work, being an online intern can work perfectly alongside your study schedule and set you up for success.



Most degrees nowadays require students to take internships for credit. You need to check with your academic advisor to see if a remote internship is applicable to course requirements. If so, why not do it internationally?

Remote internships are a fantastic opportunity to see your field on a global level and to learn new methods and skills from international professionals, while not even leaving your town! Of course right now travel restrictions have been a big disadvantage for many but you could turn this around and make the situation advantageous for yourself and your career.


Cross-cultural learning

Taking a remote international internship can present way more opportunities for cultural and personal growth than a local internship. How? Firstly, you’ll be in contact day to day with an international workforce. You’ll have to constantly work with language and cultural differences that will spark new perspectives and learning. And what’s more, you can even work in a new language.

At Euroace, all of our remote internships are available in English. However, for those wanting a multilingual experience Spanish internship positions or a Spanish-English combo can be provided. Online internships give you the freedom to choose your schedule, part time or full time, language preference, and type of position. They are a smart career step if you are looking for an experience to fit in with your routine and also, open up new doors and bring more cultural/ personal growth at the same time!


Affordable career development

Lastly, although still very important, is cost. An online internship is very affordable especially if we compare it to an internship abroad. Remote interns don’t need to worry about travel, accommodation or insurance costs, with literally the only cost being the professional experience itself.

In a way, you actually get more out of the experience because you don’t lose days traveling or sightseeing, so you really are all in. And so is the company. Online communication is fast, frequent and accessible. Yes, you are in a different country to your internship team and maybe even in a different time zone, but that can make the staff and the intern even more committed to keeping a better communication flow and higher productivity than if they were sat in the office together. In the end its a unique and cost effective way to obtain some professional experience and broaden your professional network at the same time. Its a win-win.


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