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Discover the Comunidad Valenciana!

.Why is now the best time to discover the Valencian community?!


In Spain, the government’s latest Covid regulations have us locked down by region, meaning, we can’t cross the border of the region we’re in. To avoid an unnecessary increase in infections, mobility has been limited for now and so we want to help you make the most of this… right here in Valencia!


Whether you were planning a day trip or weekend away, you can still absolutely do so in the Valencian community! Here are some suggestions weve got for you…


Less is More

Less tourists, less queues, less noise, less crowds… only means more opportunity for you when it comes to your trip away. Usually, tourist destinations in Valencia are busy, loud and booked up. Here’s your chance to visit some of the most beautiful towns and cities Spain has to offer, while visiting renowned sights and monuments… uninterrupted. It may just be the perfect time to explore this wonderful region, at your own leisure.



Chelva is one of the most beautiful villages in the region of Valencia and that’s why it is one of our top recommendations! Only one hour from Valencia city (by car) it’s a place full of history, charm and culture.

Chelva comprises four different cultural heritages which can be seen in its breathtaking architecture. Visible are the Arabian, Jewish, Moorish and Christian neighborhoods that form the village.

It’s also the perfect mix between culture and nature thanks to its main hiking route La Ruta del Agua running alongside the Tuéjar riverbed.  This route begins in the village’s main square, in front of the impressive Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles and takes you out of the town and down the river. Along the way, besides the stunning nature, you’ll find Roman remains like the Molino Puerto or the Acueducto de Peña Cortada, which is actually one of only four aqueducts remaining in the Iberian peninsula!



Novelda is a small town located inland from Alicante city, less than two hours (by car) from Valencia city. Not bad if you want a change of scenery and a nice drive out of the city.

It’s an area exclusively known for its wine industry and trading of spices like saffron. It’s a quiet yet welcoming town with beautiful facades made from stone and the must-see Santuario de Santa María Magdalena with a modern design reminiscent of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. It’s not the only building with this style either, you must also check out La Casa Museo Modernista and the Centro Cultural Gómez-Tortosa, both currently open to visitors with safety protocols in place.



In the northern province of Castellón, we can also behold beautiful locations like Vilafamés. Less than 30 minutes away from Castellón de la Plana this charming village can be found but not before winding through the mountains on a beautiful scenic country route.

It was voted a town of cultural interest in April 2005 thanks to its churches, hermitages, Muslim Castle and El Quartijo. Paintings from the Bronze Age and remains dating back more than 80,000 years have also been found here and can be seen in the museum,

Another curiosity this lovely village possesses is its link to important cities like Paris or London due to the Greenwich Meridian. In fact, the Meridian 0 runs directly through the village.


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