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Why a Gap Year in 2021?

There’s no doubt traveling around the world has suffered a huge impact and many of us are thinking twice before booking a trip away. It’s true we must be careful and responsible but we also can’t put our lives on hold forever. After a turbulent 2020, next year is looking brighter and full of possibilities!


So without further ado, let’s look at the top reasons why a Gap Year program in 2021 could be the perfect next step and one you shouldn’t hesitate to take…



As we all know, countries have imposed many different restrictions on free mobility between countries however, you’ll be glad to know that special cases like overseas workers or internationals students are being dealt with differently to regular travel. Embassies are processing Student Visas and Work Visas for all of those planning on working overseas or taking a study abroad program. So don’t be afraid to apply for your paperwork to travel to Spain in 2021!

What’s more, if you organize things ahead of time and book early – you’ll be sure to take advantage of flight discounts and offers going on right now!


Tourism Low!

Although this isn’t particularly good for local business and national tourism, its great for travelers and international students. Less tourists in Spain means more chance for you to enjoy all local amenities, famous monuments and what would usually be packed cities. It’s a fantastic time to explore the Spanish culture and not be held back by the problems that come along with mass tourism.

Not to mention accommodation benefits. Cities like Valencia are usually pretty packed out in the sunnier seasons, from April through to October, but under current circumstances you’ll find lower accommodation prices, better available locations and more choice when searching for accommodation in Spain.


Professional Growth

The buisness world never stops despite what’s going on in politics, health and life! So, it’s important you don’t stop either. Growing and improving your resumé and professional experience will open new paths in your professional career especially if you keep learning and making these negative times into positive opportunities.

Right now in Spain, companies are open more than ever to international interns and many internship positions have become available in a range of sectors. It’s a great chance to grab a stellar opportunity in your field!


Special Offers!

As we speak (or read), laboratories around the world are working hard to prepare a vaccine and experts estimate that it will be ready before the year is out. This gives us somewhat of a more secure feeling going into 2021 and hope for a way out of this health crisis. With that being said, Euroace is offering a 10% discount on any Gap Year program for 2021, if booked before November this year. This fantastic special offer will end soon but can definitely help you a little towards funding a dream study abroad program.


To read up more on our Gap Year programs at Euroace, check out our programs here.

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