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Student Interview: Remote Internship in Psychology

We received some insightful feedback from one of our online interns all the way from China! We thought it’d be useful for those looking to take up a similar opportunity. Here’s how the interview went …

Why did you decide to take a remote internship in Spain?

I wanted to find an internship related to my field of Psychology this past summer, and when I was browsing online, I found out about internships in Spain. So I decided to take it! Another reason why I chose Spain is that the time difference between China and Spain is not too much so I knew I could have a reasonable working schedule.

How was the experience regarding the communication with the company and the tasks you were able to do?

Communication with the company was not very effective at first because of the time difference and problems with using email. I think my lack of experience using email to communicate with others was one of the main reasons. But when we chose to use another application which is easier for chatting it became much better. I think the tasks that my internship company gave me were reasonable and good for my academic development.

What kind of business skills did you develop through your remote internship?

The most important one was how to send and reply emails. This was my first-time sending emails in English and I was kind of nervous! I didn’t have any instructions or tips for emailing. SoI am happy to develop this important skill.

Would you recommend a remote internship to other students?

Yes! The remote internship was a really good experience for me, I got new knowledge and experience through this internship, and because of Covid-19, I think this situation in the world will last, so online internships are much more convenient and affordable for most students. Plus, it is safer than the usual way.

Do you think it could be useful to combine an internship with a Spanish language course?

Yes, that would be the best. With a remote internship I can’t go to Spain, so I have little chance to learn about the cultural differences of the local people, and I think many details can only be seen in the place and not online. Having a Spanish course maybe can solve this problem, and give us more information about this country. But I think it is hard to design an online Spanish course. Online live class is heavily depended on the Internet connection situation.

How would you say this experience can benefit your future career?

This experience gave me the initial impression of online therapy. I want to study further in psychology in the future, and I want to be a therapist, so I think this experience has been very helpful to show me more about therapy and working with real people.

Do you think it offers a positive experience from a personal point of view, not just from an academic or professional perspective?

Yes, I learned more than just academic knowledge. I made new friends, and found that my opinion could make a difference. I was really glad to take part in this internship and work with an international team. I highly recommend!

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