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Study Spanish in Valencia!

One of the best ways to learn a second language is to go and visit the country it is spoken in! Spain is home to the Royal Spanish Academy which is the official institution of the Spanish language. Located in Madrid, it is the safe keeper of Spanish and the citizens of Spain do indeed take pride in up-keeping their language.

Valencia is a beautiful city on Spain’s east coast and a perfect place for international students to study Spanish abroad. There are many awesome language schools across the city teaching Spanish to international students. Travel Magazine recently published an article on: «The Best Spanish Language Schools in Valencia» … check it out right here!


So, why Valencia when it comes to studying Spanish abroad?


Friendly locals

Nowadays big cities are not the best place to go looking for friendly locals or even authentic culture. Madrid and Barcelona are two Spanish cities that fall into this category! While some parts can be charming, they are very cosmopolitan these days and with such a high tourist interest, they don’t exactly represent the true culture of Spain.

Where as if you visit smaller cities, you’ll still get the exciting adventure of discovering new things and having fun abroad yet you’ll notice the local way of life too. Valencia is the perfect destination! It is a ‘small big’ city if that makes sense. You’ll surely feel like there’s plenty to do and see but you’ll also get to practice your Spanish and interact with the real Spain!


Neutral accent

It has to be said that the farther south you go, the harder it is to understand the locals. The accent in Andalusia, a southern Spanish region, is fast and beautiful and almost like a song but very tricky to understand! In Valencia, students don’t seem to have that problem. In general, the Spanish accent here in Valencia is neutral and easier to understand than in other parts of Spain. This can be useful if you are a beginner or trying to get to grips with the listening side of the language.


Mediterranean culture

If learning Spanish is your aim then getting to know the culture can really help that process! The Mediterranean culture and way of life is one of the best you’ll find. The food, the weather, the people, the pace of life … to find out more all you need to do is come and see it for yourself. The Mediterranean culture gives a true insight into the Spanish way of life and enables you to enjoy this breathtaking part of the world while also getting to experience a different daily rhythm.


High quality education

You’ll find some of the best language schools in Valencia! Native Spanish teachers are a huge bonus to studying Spanish abroad and Valencia is a place that offers high quality Spanish courses while still maintaining the relaxed, Spanish rhythm of life.

If you are interested in studying Spanish abroad, this article on the Best Spanish Schools in Valencia can certainly help you out.


Affordable learning

Valencia is a very affordable place to live, work and study. Compared to other major Spanish cities, Valencia offers an affordable solution to living and studying abroad which can be a huge factor when pricing things up. At Euroace, Spanish course prices are very competitive and courses can be paid off monthly for any students needing this option.

Overall, Valencia is a perfect location to find a cheaper Spanish course and a cheaper living space while still getting the quality of education you seek. Plus, majestic cities like Barcelona and Madrid are just a short train ride away, so you don’t have to miss out on experiencing them!


If you need more convincing, here’s some more info on Valencia as a study abroad destination. Click here.

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