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5 Benefits of Doing an Internship Online

Right now everyone is taking advantage of online connections and this is certainly true in the professional world too. Students in the last year of their degrees and even graduates themselves need professional internships as part of their study requirements. That’s why online internships can provide an essential role for young professionals and students, especially in the health crisis we find ourselves in.

For those who are skeptical about remote internships, here are some of the main benefits of doing an internship online. 


1. Work from anywhere!

Maybe this one is the most obvious but currently it’s a big plus. It gives you the chance to find overseas opportunities and find a position on an international level. You can work from home which gives you more flexibility and of course eliminates travel costs and living expenses abroad. Overall, it can be the ticket you wanted to an abroad opportunity, only bringing it to you instead.


2. Flexible schedule

All the uncertainties right now and change of dates make an online internship even more appealing. You are given tasks related to your position and deadlines for these tasks, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to a set timetable. Working on your own schedule can be pretty useful especially if you have other commitments as well as your internship. Online classes and other responsibilities can fit around your internship so that you can gain professional experience while not sacrificing other parts of your life.


3. Career Skills

Many people assume it won’t give you the same experience as an in-person placement would … but in some ways it can give you more. As you are working remotely, the team needs to check in with you frequently and coordinate regular meetings and communication with you. Sometimes in an office you can be present but almost looked over, with an online placement this is not an issue. Mentors perform bi-weekly check up sessions and daily communication is a given. 

Nowadays so many businesses operate online and have their main systems running digitally. This means that interns will have access to these systems and platforms, and feel part of the company even if not physically there. Work from home has increased so much that most likely your colleagues will also be working remotely. Online internships enable you to develop vital career skills like Google Analytics, database management and online commercial abilities. 


4. Network on an international level

Doing a remote internship gives you the chance to work with and get to know people from a different part of the world. Interacting with people from other countries and cultures will enhance you professionally and personally in many different ways. Personally you can develop your cultural awareness and teamwork skills and professionally you can gain new ideas, methods and techniques from different perspectives. It’s a unique chance to broaden your network and who knows, even create life-changing contacts in your field.


5. Future possibilities

Taking a remote internship will boost your profile and help you to build a better CV. This can lead to new possibilities if employers see that you have overseas experience. Gaining online experience with strong references can help you when applying for jobs in the future and even give you a step onto the international scene. It’s a sure way to build credibility and for you personally, open your eyes to the opportunities out there. 


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