How to make Paella?

Discovering a new culture includes trying out local food and typical dishes. Sometimes the best way to get to know the local way of life is through their food habits and specialties! Almost everybody who comes to Spain wants to try paella and many don’t realize that it actually originated right here in Valencia. This means that studying abroad in Valencia must include some tastings of various paella dishes – no excuses! And going one step further, what about learning how to make a paella valenciana for yourself? 

Euroace gives students the chance to take a paella cooking course with a professional cooking school here in Valencia. You get to learn the method as well as the joy of eating it afterwards!  It’s a unique chance to learn more about the Spanish cuisine and way of life while you’re here.


Tapas & Flamenco

Also to do with food! Tapas are a big part of Spanish cuisine which consist of small appetizers of many different types of seafood, vegetables and local specialties. The most common tapas are patatas bravas (fried potatoes), pincho de tortilla (Spanish omelet) or croquettas which are small fried pieces filled with Spanish ham, wild mushrooms, cheese or prawns. Just taste as many tapas as you can to truly get a feel for Spanish food.

With Euroace, we hold group events to go and see a spectacular Flamenco show in the Valencian Old Town combined with an authentic tapas supper. This event is an awesome way to see the most traditional Spanish dance, to taste true tapas and also to meet new people during your stay, both international and local.


Horchata & Fartons

If you don’t know what this means, by the end of your stay here you surely will. Horchata is a typical refreshing drink authentic to Valencia. It is made from tiger nuts and is usually served with fartons; sweet donut-type pastries. You’ll find these sweet delicacies are served in so-called horchaterías across the city.

Take a break from Euroace classes and join our group activity for an Horchata and Fartons tasting session. We take our students to the Old Town where we visit the oldest and most famous horchatería in the city! It’s a must-visit and must-taste!


Fallas Museum

The Fallas are a huge part of the Valencia culture. They are an annual celebration which takes place in March and is treasured by the natives here. The museum is a wonderful place to visit so you can understand more about this important festival and so you can see the beautiful artwork it has produced over the years.

Museum trips are available with a local guide who can share the true spirit of the Fallas with you and bring the culture to life!