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Student Interview: 4 Weeks Spanish Course

One of our Spanish students this summer came from Germany at just 14 years of age to take part in our Cultural Immersion program. She wanted to improve her Spanish skills so she signed up for our daily group course and also lived in the city with a local host family, to soak up as much of the culture, language and Spanish way of life as possible!

It was a pleasure to host her in Valencia and even celebrate her 15th birthday in Spanish class with her fellow classmates! Here’s what she had to say about her Spanish experience with Euroace …


Why did you choose to study Spanish in Valencia?

I chose to study Spanish in Valencia to improve my knowledge and my level in the language, and also to meet new people and see a new city. I really wanted to join Euroace day trips and excursions, but unfortunately they couldn’t organize these activities due to the sanitary situation right now. Anyway, I have tried to make the most of the classes and the experience to learn the language the best I can! I now feel like I can communicate much better with my host family while I enjoy my holidays in Valencia.


How have you found the whole experience?

I have never been to Spain before and never travelled alone, so this has been a very new experience for me! This is the reason why I felt a bit scared facing this great adventure in the beginning. Throughout the program I have learnt a lot of things, not only the language, but also culture and Spanish traditions. I am really glad I decided to do it.


Now that everything is going back to a “new normality”… Do you feel safe in Valencia?

Yes, I really feel safe in Valencia. Of course things are different now due to COVID-19. People need to wear masks on the street and have to adapt to this new way of life. But i think it’s the same everywhere and we just needed to adapt like everyone else.

Some monuments and museums are still closed to avoid unnecessary risks which is a shame, but overall I have had a great experience this month and I have enjoyed it a lot.


How was your experience living with a Spanish host family?

I have been very lucky to stay and live with such a wonderful Spanish host family. I’ve really had a great time with them and I hope to keep in touch with them once I go back home. I would definitely tell other students to do the same because you can practice Spanish much more and you get to learn the culture even better.


Did you have a positive experience studying Spanish at Euroace?

Yes! Of course before my arrival to Valencia I had some doubts and I was worried about getting along with my classmates. Now I know that they are older than me but there’s no problem at all. Everybody is so kind and friendly and coming to the school always makes me happy. The Spanish classes were fun with lots of conversation which stopped me from being nervous straight away.


Have you noticed any improvement in your Spanish skills after just 4 weeks of taking classes at Euroace?

I have been speaking all the time in Spanish since I arrived! During the lessons and of course with my Spanish host family. That really allowed me to learn a lot of new vocabulary, and practicing made me improve my speaking skills. What’s more, I also think my listening is much better, because now it’s easier for me to understand people talking than before joining Euroace.

Overall it was an amazing experience and I am so glad i did it. Thank you to everyone who made it possible!


It’s not very common to see such a young student like yourself take a study abroad program. What would you say to other young students who want to study abroad but are not sure about it?

I would tell them not to hesitate about coming. Just do it. Everybody at Euroace is so kind and for sure any students coming would get a great experience that they will never forget for the rest of their lives!


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