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Combine a Remote Internship and Online Spanish Course

2020 has been a year of cancelled plans! Maybe you were planning on studying abroad? Or hoping to get some international experience for your future career? Or maybe you wanted to travel and work on your Spanish at the same time? Well, it’s not totally a lost cause!

Study abroad plans have been majorly affected this year but that’s not to say all opportunities are gone. Taking an online program may not include the travel element you were hoping for but it can still definitely help you to fulfil some of your 2020 goals.

Here are some main ways an online internship and Spanish course could benefit you in 2020:


Bring Study Abroad to you

If travel is simply not on the cards for you this year or you would prefer to stay at home and not risk the trip, then this plan could be perfect for you. By taking an online program, the course itself is brought directly to you.

A remote internship enables you to be part of an international company through virtual means and join a foreign workforce in your industry. Virtual tours, conference calls and video feedback sessions all grant you access to a Spanish company, from wherever you are. The extra bonus is that nowadays we are all so accustomed to communicating and working online, meaning that almost all business programs and online tools are available through a remote internship.

Combining an internship with a Spanish course is a win-win. Why? Well, if you are a temporary member of a Spanish company, being able to use their language and understand their terms will only benefit the communication experience with the selected company. What’s more, progressing your own language skills opens up a whole new opportunity in your career sector and many future possibilities.


Professional growth

A remote internship is not as different as an abroad internship as you may think. If your field is Marketing, Finance, Journalism or any field that requires online / computer based tasks, then your work assignments and responsibilities will most likely be the same as they would have been if you traveled to Spain. Okay so you don’t get the office interaction and cultural learning, but with weekly video meetings, conference calls and constant online communication, you are still able to fully connect with your international team.


Business Spanish

It’s not just your every day Spanish skills that will improve, it’s your Business Spanish too! Euroace offers online internships exclusively in Spanish, English or a combination of the two. If you really want to improve your Spanish skills, then writing and conversing with your new colleagues in Spanish is a great way to do this. You’ll quickly grasp Spanish business terms which is a major asset to your career and you’ll get a lot more comfortable working in your second language.


Network on an international level

While local internships are beneficial, international internships have the added bonus of meeting new people worldwide. At first this might be a scary thought! Yet meeting new people through an organized program is actually quite normal. Like we mentioned, people are so used to communicating online these days. So working with a team from afar will not be unusual for them. It can teach you digital skills and help your online work skills, and this could lead to future international opportunities for you through the colleagues and clients you meet!


Transform your study abroad

Overall, study abroad has been limited by the current situation. But that doesn’t mean you can’t transform your experience and do something meaningful and beneficial for you. Take this time to research what interests you and use the down time wisely, learning new skills and enhancing your career prospects. You won’t regret it!


If you are or anyone you know is interested in online learning opportunities, why not take a look at our Remote Internship options and Spanish Online courses.


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