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Student Interview: Spanish Group Classes

Despite the circumstances, we have been working hard at Euroace to provide Spanish courses for our students in Valencia! Although social distancing rules have made it harder to provide group Spanish courses, it has not been impossible. Our student Daryl, who has been with us since we reopened our Language School in June, has commented on his experience of group Spanish.

Here’s what he had to say…


1. Why did you choose to study Spanish in Valencia?

I chose to study Spanish in Valencia because I live here now and I really want to integrate properly into Spanish life and experience all that Spain has to offer.


2. How did you come across Euroace?

I did various internet searches and actually tried a couple of other schools in Valencia for some short stints. After trying out a few schools, I’ve found that Euroace is of a much higher quality.


3. Why did you prefer to take group classes rather than private classes?

I chose group classes primarily because of cost as they are more affordable than private lessons. But also because they are much more fun than private lessons too. You get to meet people who are in the same boat as you which creates a more enjoyable learning experience.


4. Are the classes what you expected?

The classes are much better than I expected and are streets ahead of other classes that I’ve experienced.


5. What do you like about the Euroace Language school?

There appears, to me, to be a different method of teaching than the norm….with lots of interesting subjects being discussed so that you almost forget that you are learning Spanish and it doesn’t seem to be like a chore at all. The classes are always fun with lots of laughter and jokes!


6. Have you found the group classes to be effective for learning?

I think the group lessons have been effective for learning because you can learn and be challenged by your fellow students. If they make a mistake or don’t understand something, you find that you learn through their efforts as well as your own. Also, I like that there is a certain camaraderie on the journey.


7. What kind of improvement have you noticed in your Spanish skills since you started studying at Euroace?

I have become much more confident about speaking Spanish and far less worried about making mistakes. Certain things are slowly starting to slip into place.


8. Would you recommend Euroace to other international students wanting to learn Spanish?

I would, without hesitation, recommend Euroace to anybody who wishes to learn Spanish. The school has a lovely welcoming atmosphere which is backed up by a serious knowledge and understanding of educational methods.

This isn’t just bells and whistles….they know what they are doing and they do it very well!



We are very grateful for the kind words and we hope that anybody who is in Valencia, or is planning to travel here in the near future, will check out our Spanish Group courses if they are keen to learn Spanish!


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