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Why do your Internship in Spain?

If you’re looking for an internship abroad for the coming semester or in the future, have you thought about doing it in Spain? There are many wonderful destinations to choose from but we really feel Spain can offer a bit of everything! Want to find out more?

Take a look at our main reasons why you should do your Internship in Spain …



Spain is the second most visited country in the world in terms of a travel destination, with Barcelona and Madrid being very popular! This being said, it is home to a wide variety of companies in many sectors, who operate both nationally and internationally.

Valencia is home to one of the most important Ports in Europe and this makes way for many big trading and logistics giants. Not to mention, Ford’s European factory for their most popular model of Ford Fiesta is also right here in Valencia.

As well as these major industries, you can find a big start up scene in this city too. Valencia boasts a large international community and many start up hubs with young professionals bringing innovative ideas to the world. Other big industries include agriculture, hospitality, tourism and engineering. If you want to find a unique placement in your field, check out our Placement Sectors in Valencia


Language learning

Spanish being the international language it is, coming to Spain to take your internship could have a double purpose. Internships can be taken in Spanish exclusively, or in a mix of Spanish and English, so that professional goals can be achieved while language learning can also be present. So, if you haven’t considered it, maybe think about doing your internship in a Spanish speaking country in order to make the most of your time away. It could be the extra motivation to take on this challenge!


Top for Tourism and Service

If you are a student interested in or studying in this field, or you are someone looking to expand their career possibilities in this sector, then maybe Spain is the place to be for you.

In 2019, Spain was the most visited country in the world with 83.7 million tourists. Therefore, there is much to learn in the way of tourism and many businesses to analyze and learn from. Spain is even home to the World Tourism Organization with its headquarters in Madrid.

Valencia is especially useful for Tourism and Service placements. Being a coastal city, many of the businesses in the city are related to tourism in some way. Also, it can be said that Valencia is a very tourist friendly city welcoming all cultures and backgrounds, as well as demonstrating superior infrastructure and transport networks. Spain definitely has one of the most developed service systems in Europe and so a placement here would be a great idea!


New Working Experience

It’s true that you’ll gain a fresh perspective on the working world wherever you go. However, many cultures do indeed work in the same way. Same timetables, same methods and same procedures. The difference with Spain is the people! They are very relaxed and definitely approach the working day with a different mindset to other cultures. This can be of a certain benefit to a young professional, especially if they want to get a feel for international business or perhaps even new working approaches.

Spain has a longer working day. In many cases, companies don’t have short, intensive timetables. A typical day could be 10am – 2pm (with a coffee break around 11:30am), a 2 hour lunch break, and then an afternoon shift of 4pm – 8pm. This is not the same for all businesses but it is seen to be a general schedule nationwide. You will therefore notice a more relaxed approach to work, colleagues being more collaborative as a whole, and the work environment less about punctuality and more about task completion. It’s difficult to explain the difference, but it will surely provide a new perspective on how to approach your daily job. 



Last but not least, the weather here will not disappoint! This has little to do with professional or personal development, but who doesn’t want to work in a place with such great weather? This country has one of the most enviable climates in the world with its mild winters and hot summers, making it a truly great place to live in and working from. Furthermore, travel across Spain and Europe is easy to do and can be another added bonus to your internship abroad!



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