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Why Learn Spanish in 2020?

The international influence of the Spanish language cannot be understated. It is the official language of 20 countries in the world as we speak and it is estimated that around 520 million people worldwide speak Spanish as their mother tongue or second language.

That’s a lot of people to get to know better if you have Spanish as part of your arsenal!

Spanish also has a major influence in the USA too, making it a prime language for global travel, international business and greater cultural awareness. Without further ado, here are some of our main reasons why you should pick up Spanish in 2020…

Future Travel Opportunities

Of course right now in the current climate, travel is not on the cards. However, that’s not to say you can’t prepare yourself for when it is! Being able to communicate in a language like Spanish can create an easier travel experience with less language barriers. From the beautiful continent of South America to many states in the US and of course Spain itself, having Spanish will enable you to not only see these places but also to understand their culture and feel better equipped to explore each town and city you come across. Think about it, being a tourist without the language makes you a lot more vulnerable to tourist traps so having knowledge of Spanish can help you to avoid tricky situations and stay safe along the way.


Career possibilities

Spanish opens greater audiences for you to communicate with and do business with, it’s as simple as that. Major industries in South America like tourism, manufacturing, oil refining and wine making can all become better connected to your career path if you can speak Spanish. It’s essential if you’d like to one day live and work abroad, or if you would like to enter international business at some point. If you have an interest in learning Spanish, go for it, because you never know the future possibilities it may present to you…


Cultural awareness

The Spanish/ Latin culture is among the most influential cultures in the world, from the entire South American continent to the United States, where 16% of the population speak Spanish, as well as the southeastern Asian region around Philippines. Knowing the language will help you to gain a deeper understanding of various cultures and its people, a gratifying and eye-opening opportunity.

This can be essential on a global scale, especially right now concerning the political climates in countries such as Chile, USA and Brazil. If you are able to read and converse in Spanish then you can get to know the countries and the cultural ideals and political standpoints of their various communities. This makes it a lot easier to understand current events and why these countries are going through these politically charged circumstances right now.


Expand your bookshelf

Last but not least, literature is an awesome way to grow your cultural background. Spain has produced many illustrated writers and poets throughout history, such as Miguel de Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Federico García Lorca … the list is endless. Learning the native language helps better understanding of the beauty of their literature and will always expand the way you look at this charming and charistmatic language!



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