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Student Interview: Business Internship

At Euroace we collaborate with local universities to provide internship placements in various sectors. One of our interns who has just finished his program, commented on his internship experience with us. Fan is a Business Management student who took an intensive 4 month Internship placement with Euroace in order to gain some real experience in the business world.



Why did you intern with Euroace in Valencia?


For my degree, I needed to take an Internship as part of my graduation requirements. I have always been interested in how Language schools work internally and so I decided to intern with Euroace to see how everything works and to learn more about the international business scene. 


What are you studying at University and how has the internship expanded skills and knowledge in your field?


I study ADE (Business management) at the University of Valencia and I am in the last year of my Business degree.  Taking an Internship with Euroace has helped me with many different skills that I have acquired during my academic years. Tasks like data analytics and investigations into potential partners can all be useful for my future career.


What is it like to intern with an international company?


I always liked to work and talk to people from different geographic and cultural backgrounds, so working in a Language school with students from all around the world and with a multicultural staff has been a really enjoyable experience!


What have you learnt through working with an internationally diverse workforce?


It’s really interesting and fun to work in a group with such diversity, seeing and learning from people with different backgrounds has always been interesting to me. To respect and communicate with others is probably the most important thing I have learned.


How do you think your internship will help you in your future career?


This internship gave me the first working experience I’ve ever had so it’s definitely been a valuable experience. It will help me to develop my professional career further if I decide to stay in this industry and serve as my first lesson in working and cooperating with coworkers. It has been a good introduction to the world of business.


What advice would you give to another student looking to take a professional internship in Valencia?


I would say choose wisely on what you want to do. There’s a big variety of companies and career possibilities in Valencia, but you need to know what you are really chasing. If you are interested in education or international business, then you should definitely give Euroace a try!


If you would like to take an Internship in Valencia but are unsure of what you’d like to do, don’t worry, check out our Placement Sectors here.

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