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Student Interview: Online Internship

Over the past few months, our Online Internships have grown due to the inability to travel yet our students’ eagerness to continue their learning and professional development. You can take an online internship in a range of fields, not only limited to business or computer based industries.
Here we interviewed one of our students who has just completed her internship in Education through our online internship programs. Find out more about her experience right here…

1. What was your chosen sector for your Online Internship? And why did you choose this sector?

I chose the teaching sector for my online internship. I chose this sector because my aim is to be a Spanish teacher in the future and so I wanted to gain more experience.

2. What did you expect from an Online Internship?

From the first moment, I expected my online internship to be very interactive and to have access to real contact with the students. I wanted the online internship to give me more experience as a teacher and I expected to have this opportunity online as I would have if I had taken the internship program in person.

3. Has it helped you grow in your field?

This internship has truly helped me to improve my teaching skills and now I am convinced that I want to be a Spanish teacher.

4. What skills have you developed from this experience?

I had the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from native teachers, and to receive advice from them in Spanish teaching. I gave Spanish classes to a group of students, helped them to learn the basics of the language and this helped me in my professional experience in the teaching sector. I learned how to manage students, how to answer their questions, how to help them with their difficulties and to encourage them in their learning.

5. How has it helped towards your career plans for the future?

Throughout this internship, I especially learned how to make a class successful for my students. A class that would be interactive, effective and not that difficult to enable them to learn easily and to not be discouraged about learning Spanish. I learned how to get better at explaining, to be patient and to pay close attention to their efforts.

6. Would you recommend an Online Internship program and why?

I would totally recommend an online internship program, Euroace and the NGO I worked with were both really professional and attentive to my expectations, about how I felt and also my fears.
This online internship experience has been as effective as a normal internship for me and I am really glad I did this!
If you would like to take up an Online Internship in your field, check out our opportunities here!

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