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A Taste of Summer in Valencia

As the lockdown eases up and Spanish citizens are back outside enjoying nature, outdoor activities and precious time with family and friends, we are starting to get a taste of summer here in Valencia.  The summer season in Valencia is characterized by endless blue skies, golden beaches and good food!

Here’s a better insight into some of the best parts of summer in Valencia. Maybe they’ll convince you to experience it for yourself!


The Beaches

Valencia is home to some of the most extraordinary beaches! Malvarrosa and Patacona are the two main city beaches. They are long, wide and not as built up with hotels and restaurants as you’d imagine, leaving for a more natural and beachy feel. They are pretty peaceful and you can surely find your own spot away from the crowds.

The great thing is, you can access them quite easily from the city via public transport such as bus, metro and tram, or even by bike as their are various bike paths leading from different parts of the city directly to the beach. Valencia as a city has a strong beach vibe and so summer really shines on this city! 


The Horchata

If you visit Valencia, the famous drink known as horchata is something you must try. It’s a local drink grown in the fields surrounding Valencia and is made from a bean called chufa, known in English as a tiger nut.

It has triumphed as the locals’ number one choice of beverage in summer since we can remember and you can try it in various traditional cafés across Valencia. Don’t forget to try fartons alongside the horchata, these can be described as long, thin, donut-type pastries, and they will make you start your summer like a true local Valencian!


The Paella

Paella is one of Spain’s most famous dishes and did you know that it originates from Valencia! This is why if you are looking for a good paella then you have to come to Valencia to experience its authentic taste. Valencia is home to paella and many other unique rice dishes, so to enjoy a true Spanish summer you should definitely find a traditional Spanish restaurant that cooks these special rice dishes, and find your favorite!


The Turia gardens

The Turia river used to flow through the city until the 50’s, when it was redirected and the abandoned riverbed was transformed into Valencia’s biggest open green space. The Turia gardens is a fantastic area to spend time outdoors in nature, providing an escape from the city without actually leaving it! You can find many people running, walking, biking and even having picnics, enjoying the summer weather under the shade of the trees.

Valencia offers this unique natural park right in the middle of the city, making it easily accessible and the perfect place to enjoy the Spanish summer. Not to mention that it is also home to the City of Arts and Sciences a.k.a La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, an incredible display of modern architecture that’s very popular with tourists! Renting a bike or a motorized scooter are popular choices for tourists taking a quick stop in Valencia, in order to take in the full beauty of this large green space!


The Nightlife

If you are a lover of the nightlife and want something different, you should definitely try some of the beach parties Valencia has in store. With its incomparable coastline, Valencia has many pubs and clubs right next to the beach and the harbor area.

Rooftop bars with beach views, clubs and restaurants with swimming pools inside, and even bars jutting out onto the water –  you won’t be disappointed! Beach cafés and bars are also available day and night for the ultimate summer party vibe. You’ll just have to come and see it for yourself. 


All in all, Valencia is a beautiful destination year-round, yet summer really brings it to life! For more of an insight into all things Valencia, check out our website.

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