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Get Ready for Study Abroad: Learn Spanish Online

As study abroad is not available to internationals just yet, students have more time to consider their options and prepare for the experience! If Spain is one of your dream study abroad destinations and learning Spanish is at the top of your list, then why not get a head start?

With international travel looking to return in late summer, there’s still time to get ready for your study abroad program. Here are our top reasons why learning Spanish online can help to prepare you for a study abroad program in Spain …



It’s Convenient

If learning Spanish is a goal of yours, but your schedule is already quite full, then online classes could very well be the answer. Most of the time, online Spanish classes can fit around your work or study schedule. They can be shorter than an average class at a Language school too, making language learning more accessible during the working week.

In the end, it’s just more convenient to learn online! You can log in and practice Spanish with your teacher over your lunch break or in the evening after your work / studies have finished for the day. And when you arrive to Spain, you’ll be thankful that you fit in language learning when you did, to help you succeed in your study abroad program and new Spanish life.


Native Teachers

Learning online can put you in contact with native Spanish speakers. Learning from a teacher who is from the country you will be traveling to can be a really big help! Firstly, you can get used to the accent, so it’s not so unfamiliar when you arrive. Also, you can also learn bits about the culture and environment that you will be stepping into when you study abroad. All round, learning from a native teacher is excellent preparation.


Interactive Learning

It’s not that the classroom doesn’t promote interaction, however online learning surely offers more. Being at a distance means the teachers and the exercises they use, need to be interactive in order for students to participate in the class. Online classes are often highly dynamic, proactive and focused on constant student motivation!

What’s more, online Spanish classes are focused on smaller groups, which means more interaction and participation from yourself during the class. Conversation is a great learning tool, and it will help you to gain confidence in your speaking and listening skills ahead of your international travel.


Global Access

With video platforms now readily available, online classes are so accessible and eliminate the need to travel to learn your language of choice. You really can learn Spanish anywhere, at anytime, making sure you’re always connected to  your learning goals! This means there really is no excuse not to get online and work on your Spanish skills, especially if it will help towards your future endeavors!


Meet international friends

Last but not least, meet other students who will be studying abroad like you! Our online classes at Euroace host students from all over the world. Some are studying from a distance while others are in Valencia and studying online while our Language school remains closed. If you are nervous that you won’t know anybody on arrival to Spain, then online classes can be a good introduction! Who knows, your classmates could also be in Spain or Europe at the same time as you, and they could be great travel or adventure buddies during your experience.


If you want to find out more about our Online Spanish Classes from Valencia Spain, click here.


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