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5 Reasons to Choose an International Program

Studying, interning or volunteering overseas will give you a new perspective on the world by exposing you to a new culture and helping you to become more independent at the same time. If you’ve been considering this option for a while, but still have some doubts, take a look at our 5 top reasons on why you should choose an international program …

Discover the beauty

Get to know your dream destination! There are so many beautiful places to see but rather than just experiencing them through the eyes of a tourist, why not stay a little while and actually live in your most desired city, and truly get to know it. Spending a few months in a place can tell you a lot about it and you can learn about the culture you’ve always wanted to know more about. If Europe is exciting for you, then venturing to the east coast of Spain is sure to impress you. Valencia can open doors to Spanish history and culture as well as a superior travel network linking to other beautiful Spanish towns and  European countries. Choosing an international program whether it be to study, intern or volunteer, can enable you to discover the beauty of travel and new destinations at the same time. 


Take on the challenge

Traveling as a tourist is nice, you enjoy discovering a new place, but still, you are with your family and friends so there’s not much to adapt to. When you travel abroad and you’re alone, it’s a different story! It’s more challenging yet more eye-opening too. Through these challenges, you will be able to learn how to adapt, how to manage situations independently and you’ll surely gain more confidence. You get to see yourself and your country through the eyes of others, and you get to see a different culture and lifestyle through your own eyes too. All of this might be a bit confusing and overwhelming at first. However, little by little the challenges get easier as you learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable, so to speak!


Learn a new language

It may be obvious but it’s true that many students travel abroad and never really take advantage of actually learning the native language. No matter if you choose to study or take an internship abroad, it is always a great opportunity to improve your language skills, by practicing with true natives! It doesn’t matter what your level is either. If you are a beginner you can practice basic phrases with new friends, neighbors or your host family. If you are more advanced in the language, this is a prized opportunity to try and get by every day in your second language. Push yourself to practice and you will see big improvements in listening skills, speaking fluency and surely, your confidence too!


Plans for the future

Traveling abroad for a study or work program can reveal so much more than the aspects of the program you went for. A new country and culture brings new ideas, perspectives, challenges, situations and connections. Remaining in a familiar culture does not bring the same thought provoking moments as an international program does. On your travels you will be able to contemplate what you really like, what you don’t like, what career interests you, what skills you are lacking, where you need to gain more experience, how you could do this? etc. Make the most of an international program to benefit your own career, personal goals and plans for the future. 


Discover yourself

It may not be something you notice at first, but after a while when you look back on your experience, you will see some personal changes too. This may be greater independence, higher self confidence or new found interests. It is true that opening your mind to a new place and lifestyle can have big personal benefits. From our point of view, having seen many students go through our study abroad programs, they tend to finish with less inhibitions, a greater motivation to try new things and most of the time, greater self-assurance.



If you are still not convinced on the benefits of taking an international program, click here to find out more about the experience from the perspectives of some of our past students.

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