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Advance Your Career From Home

In the current climate, many of us are reflecting on our circumstances and developing our perspectives on the future. Now is a great time to work on your career goals- making plans, researching and setting new objectives. Maybe you want to plan an international trip to enhance your prospects, even thinking of working abroad, or contemplating a change in career. This pause could be very useful for you and could be a really productive time.
Here we outline some ideas on how to enhance your career from home!

Boost language skills

Maybe this is something you’ve always wanted to do, but never have the time for! If you have plans to study or work internationally, why not set aside some study time to advance your language skills and make the most of this ‘break’. Whether it’s improving your English skills, trying a new language, or improving your Spanish, you can start today. Online language resources are a great way to do this, but also, online language classes too. You could opt for group classes to meet other people and make the learning experience a more social one, or, you could opt for one-to-one classes with a native teacher! When this period is over, it would be good to continue your classes in the language’s country of origin. Learning from qualified native Spanish teachers in Spain for example, is an unbeatable option!


Career development

Maybe you’re a student completing your degree or a graduate looking for real world business experience. Now is the time for innovation and action, making your career what you want it to be. If you look at today’s job market then it’s clear that digital marketing, programming, e-commerce, and web design skills are all highly valued by any business. Big corporations, as well as small businesses without a clear strategy on how to go 100% digital, will be looking for employees and collaborators to show them the way to redirect revenues and business models. Now is the time to get educated in these fields and boost your digital skills to make yourself more employable. What’s more, you may need to educate yourself further or learn how to work with new programs, and now’s your chance to get ahead!


Network and reconnect

It sounds simple enough but in this time of isolation, reconnect! Maybe you have friends, acquaintances, friends of friends who work in the same field that you want to go into, so why not use these contacts? Do a bit of research and see if you can make advancements in your career, simply by reaching out. Or even, using different forums and discussion boards to network and share ideas. This can be a great way to get your ideas going and progress your thoughts. Stay career-focused, regardless of the circumstances at present, and you could get something out of it where you least expect to.


International professional experience

Last but not least, have you considered an international internship? This can be something you can complete from your own home and help to boost your CV tremendously. Remote internships are useful in the sense that you are working online, so you can develop this aspect of your field and learn new skills. They also grant you the chance to work with international companies and open your mind to global business models and methods. All in all, an online internship position is something you can do to make the most of this sedentary period and develop your career.


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