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How to Stay Productive at Home?

Even though we are in quarantine right now, there are still many things you can do to keep on task and make sure you are staying productive when it comes to your studies, personal projects or work tasks. It’s not easy to maintain focus in a place we’d usually find ourselves relaxing in or switching off from work and studies. However, making the most of this extra alone time can be key to progressing not only with your professional and education goals, but your own personal goals too!

Here are some tips on how to stay productive at home?



First things first, it’s important to start the day fresh and establish a good morning routine! This sets you up for a proactive and efficient day. Feeling energetic and motivated at the start of the day can be hard, so that’s why a routine will help you to get going. Try to manage a consistent sleeping routine and then start the day with a healthy breakfast, a clear mind, and a few warm up tasks before you really focus. Planning your daily routine to include work, exercise and other priorities will make sure you succeed in all areas.



Sometimes we want to get everything done all at once, but it’s not possible. That’s why prioritizing is important. At the start of the day, prioritize the 3 main things you want to get done today. Then, formulate the rest of your tasks around these main 3! Prioritizing these tasks avoids procrastinating and getting weighed down by other less essential matters. This is especially useful while being stuck at home, since it becomes easier to be lazy or get distracted!


Clean environment

Your study or work environment matters! Try to remove as many distractions as possible, so you can stay focused doing whatever you need to get done. Things like setting your mobile phone off to the side, limiting external noises and moving away from the TV / other technologies, are helpful in order to keep yourself focused!


Work out

Again, this is one we all know but sometimes push to the bottom of the list. Even though we are at home right now, exercise is fundamental. It makes the blood flow, improves circulation and makes you feel more alert during the day. Starting or ending your day with 30 minutes of exercise is enough to keep your body active, and will do wonders for your productivity levels.


Entertain yourself

Taking regular breaks is just as important for productivity as working. It keeps you fresh and upbeat. Reading is a great way to entertain yourself, now you have plenty of time to read all those books you never had time to read or finish! Listening to music or a podcast can also be great options too. Just so long as you keep these breaks limited, and enjoy 30-45mins, 2-3 times a day, you will find your work and study time to be more efficient as a whole.


A new hobby (or get back to an old one!)

If you have more free time now than before, why not work on a language you’ve lost or practice an instrument you haven’t played in a while? Check out our ideas for learning a language from home here!


Reach out

Since everyone is at home, this is a great time to make calls to friends and family who you haven’t connected with in a while for whatever reason. Make a point to call certain people each week. Don’t forget to call grandparents or anyone that might be alone during this time too. This can really help to boost morale, for them and for you, and is a great way to make the most of your time in quarantine too.  


Reward yourself

Once you have finished all of your tasks, rewarding yourself with something can help you to stay motivated and can bring that drive to make you finish your daily tasks more efficiently. It could be your favorite food or drink, buying something online, doing some exercise, or watching your favorite series. Whatever it may be, if you stick to these tips, you are sure to deserve it!



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