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How to Learn Spanish from Your Own Home!

There are many ways to learn a new language, but first of all, you need the right motivation. Whether it’s to travel to a Spanish speaking country on your own, or to work in a Spanish speaking country, or even just as a hobby, you need to be motivated to study and practice it!
It’s not easy, but that’s why this is such an important step! Below we’ve put together a list of ideas to begin studying Spanish at home…



1. Watch movies and TV Series in Spanish!

By watching movies or TV series in Spanish, you can improve your comprehension tremendously. Try using Spanish subtitles so you don’t miss anything, and as you improve, you can even try to turn the subtitles off. You can also try to imitate the actors’ accents and pronunciations. This is a really good way to start your learning experience with native influences and also, to enjoy the process!

2. Listen to Music in Spanish!

Just like the last one, you can try listening to Spanish music too. Try to listen to the lyrics to understand (or even read along with the lyrics). Singers from different countries and regions might sing differently from others accent-wise, so it can be an interesting way to keep you entertained with a challenge as well.

3. Use Language Learning Apps

For those who are disciplined and are able to follow a self-study plan, learning apps are always useful. There are many different language apps in all app stores and many of them offer great learning material for any level. They are also a really good way to get in a quick bit of learning each day, if you don’t have time to watch an entire movie or complete a full exercise in one of your study books.

4. Practice Spanish with a Friend

Finding a friend who shares the same passion and goals is crucial. It can serve as an extra motivation and also a partner who you can practice with helps keep you accountable to your goal. Your friend can serve as your speaking partner which is probably the best way to practice and learn a new language, as you have to really break down the concepts your learning in your head to form sentences. 

5. Take Online Spanish Classes

Last but not least, learning online with a qualified teacher is always going to build your progress. For those wanting to quickly improve their Spanish speaking skills, taking online classes is a game changer. By taking online classes, you are committing to a certain amount of time per week, meaning that you can’t just postpone to another time. This also gives you the chance to listen to and interact with native Spanish speakers, all from the comfort of your own home!


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