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Customize Your Study Abroad Program

The great thing about studying abroad is that you get to experience a brand new setting, culture and lifestyle. It’s a liberating experience and definitely a life-changing one! However, you may be on a group trip and could feel as though the program is better suited to some students more than others. That’s why an individual customized program could be the best way to go. You’ll get to call the shots and make sure you go away with more than just a travel experience.
Here are some of the main ways you can customize your study abroad program in Valencia:


Take an Internship with a Spanish firm

A good way to change up your study abroad program and make it more career-focused is an internship position. Taking an internship with a Spanish firm has the benefit of not only getting work experience in the industry of your choice, but also practicing your Spanish language skills in a corporate environment. It is an opportunity to make some valuable business contacts in Spain and get to know the corporate world from a new perspective.

Doing an internship to trial a possible career path is a great way to show you what specialization to take when you attend university or to see if what you have actually chosen as a future career path is the right one for you. Anyhow, all work experience is good experience and it makes a very good addition to your CV, which can even set you apart from other candidates in the future!


Try a Spanish language course

If you’re in Spain, devoting some time to study Spanish is absolutely worth it. The potential opportunities that can open up if you are a Spanish speaker are enormous – for travel, for business, for connecting to native speakers and for your future career. Taking classes at a local Spanish school, attending a language exchange or going to various talks are all great ideas!  If you wish to walk the extra mile, you may even consider signing up for the DELE exam and obtaining an official diploma in Spanish. 


Volunteer in the community

Volunteering abroad is an ideal way to make the most of your time away, to travel and see the world while also giving something back. Many volunteers think of their experience as the best and most rewarding part of their travels. Volunteering enables you to get to know local communities, meeting people in challenging life situations and offering your skills and service to help them. It’s a unique chance to try something you’re passionate about and help. It will also make you aware of diversity, people coming from different social strata and through hearing their life stories, it could gift you new perspectives on the world too.


Add variety to your Gap Year

Taking a gap year from your studies or current job will enable you to customize your program most of all. You can combine already mentioned options and more, to really design the right experience for you. An intensive Spanish language course, volunteering in local communities to offer help to people in need, getting some work experience in a business field of your choice, getting involved with a sports team or even training yourself are just some of the things you could mould together.

What’s more, a destination in Europe could enable you to take trips and get to know even more cultures and people. It’s a great opportunity to learn not only about the new destination, but about yourself too.


Live with a host family

In many ways, a host family is a full experience in itself. Meeting and getting to know a family from a different culture is its own teacher and a fantastic way to spend your time abroad.  It is definitely the best way to be immersed in the local culture. Besides getting local meals cooked for you, you will be cordially invited to sit and eat with the family and will be motivated to improve your Spanish language skills quite rapidly. Most host families speak only Spanish. At first, it might be challenging to get used to the accent or speed of speech, but very soon you will get used to it and will be able to enjoy hearing stories about the lifestyle, customs, and traditions of the region and Spain as a whole.


If you are into the idea of applying for a Program Abroad, but still unsure about the elements of this program, get in contact with us for more information about a custom study abroad experience. 


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