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Student Interview: Winter Sports Internship

Karl is studying Communication Studies and Spanish at his university in the USA. He came to Valencia with his university for a four week intensive Study Abroad Program. His program included intensive Spanish classes, focusing on the history of Valencia along with a marketing internship with one of the strongest football teams in the Valencian region.


What did you like most about Valencia?

I liked Valencia a lot, I felt very confident and comfortable in the city after being here for a day or two. It is very easy to orientate.  I love the people, they remind me of the people back home in Minnesota, very friendly and helpful.

You stayed with a host family in Valencia. Can you tell us more about this experience?

I love my host mom and her son, they are very compassionate. I felt very welcome in their home. My host mom loves cooking and she always cooks delicious meals, we talked a lot, and this helped me improve my spoken Spanish and also learn a lot about the city, the culture, and the traditions of Valencia.

Do you see an improvement in your Spanish skills after the intensive program with Euroace?

Yes, I do see an improvement. I have been studying Spanish for 10 years now, but in Valencia I started to actively speak Spanish, with the help of the lessons and the fact that I was immersed in the culture, learning every day in the street, in the shops, from the waiters in restaurants, etc. The teachers at Euroace are very patient, they correct our mistakes and let us discuss topics that are of personal interest.

Can you tell us a bit more about your internship experience and how it helped you with regard to your future career?

The internship with the football club was a great experience. At first, I had to learn about the history of the team, the players and the owner. Then I was responsible for searching for similar youth teams and organizations in the USA that could partner with the club. I learned a lot in a month’s time. I wish to develop my future career in marketing and advertising related to sports, so this internship experience gave me a great push and helped me to see opportunities for the future from a very realistic point of view.

What extra activities did you take part in?

I went to the English-Spanish Language exchange once a week in a local pub, I met lots of local people and students from around the world. I also joined the excursions to Madrid, Toledo, Barcelona, and a few local towns in the Valencian Region – Peñíscola and Xátiva. I really liked the churches in Madrid and Barcelona, really fascinating, dating from so long ago. I liked just to walk around the cities and explore different areas.

Would you recommend Euroace to other students looking to take some time off to study abroad?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Euroace, I found the Spanish lessons to be very practical and enjoyable. The experience with Euroace helped me to understand the Spanish culture and to open my eyes to diversity.

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