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Impact of Learning Spanish: Personally and Professionally

Many students and fresh graduates are considering coming to Spain at some point during their studies. Naturally, many people opt for Spain to learn the language as well as its obvious benefits of sun, sea and sand! However, professional opportunities and internships are becoming increasingly popular as the Spanish economy looks to develop their international markets. Internship positions offered in a variety of industries can be really attractive and even more so in Spain, if you want to practice your language skills too.
So how useful is it to speak Spanish before coming to Spain? We believe it’s very useful, not just for your study abroad program, but also for your professional opportunities and personal development too!
Here are 5 main reasons why:


  • Speaking Spanish: now and in the future

Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language in the world, with more than 572 million Spanish speakers worldwide, of which 477 million of those are native speakers. These stats alone make it a good idea to learn Spanish now, to be able to broaden your community and potential collaborators. Of course, in the future it opens many possibilities to travel, to work for an international company, to collaborate with international markets and so on.


  • Feeling more comfortable in the office

If you are planning to take a study abroad program or an internship in a Spanish speaking country, then even basic Spanish will help you to feel more comfortable. How? Being able to greet your colleagues, make small talk about the weather or discuss your plans for the weekend, all help to create better bonds and improve your work relationships!

Your colleagues will appreciate your efforts to learn the language too. 


  • Accessing a rich cultural heritage

Being able to read and understand Spanish will make it possible to read lots of literature by both Spanish and Latin American authors and will help you understand the songs of Spanish classics as well as the popular tunes you hear when you go out with friends. You can go to concerts by local bands as well as those of famous singers, and feel more in touch with the music and the culture! All in all, the better your language skills, the better you’ll be able to understand the beauty of the Spanish culture.


  • Making friends

Speaking Spanish will help you to enjoy your time in Spain even more! Spanish people are very friendly and talkative. If you speak Spanish, even a little Spanish, you will be able to chat with them, ask for help and find out more about the city. Attending a language exchange or local activities can help you meet people and practice your Spanish skills! Making friends in a new language helps you to discover new things about your self and grow personally too.


  • Boosting employability

Lastly, speaking Spanish and having studied it in Spain will give you a professional boost, as you can apply for jobs that require contact with Spanish and Latin American target audiences, be it in sales, marketing or customer service. It will also show employers you are a proactive person, making the most of every opportunity – not only having done an internship in Spain but also having used the opportunity to learn Spanish. Boasting an extra language on your CV is a great advantage when seeking out jobs and showing your international experience. 

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