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Spanish Words and Phrases to Know Before Valentine’s Day!

Did you know that in Valencia they have their own ‘Valentine’s Day’ in October, known as Nou d’Octubre (9th of October)? Well, they do! You can find out more about that holiday in October. However, as Valentine’s Day is international, it’s also celebrated here, as you can see in many shops and restaurants around town!
As we are approaching Valentine’s Day, we prepared some basic vocabulary in Spanish to express love, in case anyone needs to use it this week!

Verbs to Express LOVE

Spanish is a very romantic language, full of expressions of love and affection. Unlike many other languages, there are 2 verbs that mean «to love», not only in a romantic relationship but also among family members and friends, and another verb meaning ´to fall in love´


“Querer” originates from the Latin verb «quaerere”, that means «desire, have, search». «Te quiero» means «I love you», and it usually conveys a romantic feeling of love. «Querer»  can also be used to show love and affection in the family.

Te quiero mucho – I love you a lot.


In Spain, when someone says «te amo» to show romantic love, it is meant to put more emphasis, giving more importance to the expression. Basically, when referring to people, «amar» generally means a stronger love than «querer».

Te amo – I love you.


To express that you are falling in love, there is a separate verb completely different than the last two (which actually includes the Spanish word love – amor).

Me estoy enamorando de ella. I am falling in love with her.

Estar Enamorado/a 

By using the verb «estar», this explains a state, which in this case means the state of being «in love».

Estoy enamorado/a – I am in love.


LOVE Expressions

Amor a primera vista – Love at first sight

Estar enamorada hasta las trancas – To be head over heels in love

Sentir mariposas en el estómago – To get butterflies in your stomach

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