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Student Interview: 4 Week Winter Internship

Olivia is a current student of Film and Spanish Language at her University in the USA. She came to Valencia with her university study abroad program to take an intensive Spanish language and history course as well as an internship theater program. Olivia tells us more about her unique opportunity with Euroace: 


What did you like best about Valencia?

I am originally from a small town in the USA, so I get timid about big cities. Valencia was just the right choice for me, not too big, easy to engage and get around. It has both a modern and a historical part, and there is a lot to explore and lots of diversity to enjoy.


Do you see an improvement in your Spanish skills after an intensive language course with Euroace?

Definitely, I see lots of improvement. I can now confidently speak Spanish, we did a review of the grammar that was very useful for me, but most importantly we spoke a lot in the classes. Now I can also say a few slang words too. Staying in Valencia for a month and being constantly exposed to the language speeds up progress a lot. The way the lessons were presented to us was friendly and positively informal.


Can you tell us a bit more about your internship experience? How do you think it will help you in your future career?

During most of my internship, I was a scriptwriter, writing scripts for performances on stage and TV shows based on storytelling. I was also managing castings and auditions. This is an area I wish to develop and build my career around.

You stayed with a host family in Valencia. Can you tell us more about this experience?

I absolutely enjoyed the experience. I lived with a Spanish-Argentinian family. It was really interesting to communicate with them and to understand the differences in the Spanish of Spain compared to the Spanish spoken in Latin America or more specifically in Argentina and the special accent that comes with that.


What extra activities did you take part in?

I participated in the weekly English-Spanish Language exchange that took place in a local pub, where I met lots of local people and students from around the world. I went to the weekend excursions including trips to Madrid, Toledo, Barcelona, and a few local towns in the Valencian Region – Peñíscola and Xátiva. I really liked Toledo, it was a very beautiful historic town close to Madrid.


Would you recommend Euroace to other students looking to take some time off to come to Spain to study Spanish or to do an internship program?

I would warmly recommend Euroace. It’s a Spanish school where people can start learning from any level and advance pretty quickly. It is also a school with a very diverse background of students coming from all over the world. The teaching style is very friendly, interactive and bonding, it is very motivating for the students to feel comfortable and connected to their study group. We learned a lot but also made lots of friends and had fun.



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