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Learn More About «Football Spanish»

If you’re an avid football fan or you’re particularly interested in the Spanish game, then this blog is for you! Football in Spain is a huge part of the culture so learning some vocabulary associated with this sport goes a long way when immersing in the culture and getting to know the locals even better.
Here we’ve put together some key words and phrases about all things football, so that when you attend a match, find yourself in a conversation about the game or even play with locals, you’ll feel more able to understand and communicate about the beautiful game.

1. La Liga

La Liga (Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División) is the top division in Spanish football. It was formed in 1929 and sees the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid competing for the league title each season. It is made up of the top 20 teams and each season 3 teams get relegated to the second division, and 3 new teams are promoted to La Liga from the second division (Segunda). The top 4 teams at the end of the season qualify for Champions League football.   


2. El Clásico

In Spanish, el clásico is the most important match of the season. El clásico is the derby between Real Madrid and Barcelona football clubs. It happens twice a year and usually draws the highest viewings in Spain!


3. Los Fanáticos (The fans)

Yes, we’re talking about the devoted and loyal fans. 
«¡Estoy un súper fanático de este equipo!» meaning «I am a super fan of this team!»


4. Los Jugadores (The players)

Los jugadores play in several positions, which are:

  • Portero (Goalkeeper)
  • Defensa (Defender)
  • Central (Center back)
  • Lateral derecho/ izquierdo (Right Full Back/ Left Full Back)
  • Centrocampista (Midfield player)
  • Delantero (Center forward)


5. Meter Un Gol (To score a goal)

The culmination of a match is, of course, when someone scores a GOOOOOLLLL and wins the game!

6. What’s happening?

A few terms necessary to now what’s going on:

  • Una patada (a kick)
  • ¡Mano! (handball)
  • Falta (foul)
  • Córner (corner kick)
  • Tarjeta roja (red card)
  • Tarjeta amarilla (yellow card)


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