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New Year’s Traditions & Events in Valencia

If you happen to be in Valencia during New Year’s, we have put together a list of activities happening in the city so you don’t miss any of the festivities, not to mention to help you be inspired by the New Year’s mood that is all around.


Run the San Silvestre!

Bid farewell to the year with the The San Silvestre 10 km race that happens on the 30th of December at 8pm all around Spain! In Valencia it starts on Xàtiva Street. This is the last run of the year of the many races in the City of Running, and more than 17,000 runners are expected to show up. Most runners wear a festive or funny costume and enjoy the event as they bid farewell to the year. 


Eat 12 grapes at midnight

New Year’s Eve, also known as ‘Nochevieja’, is typically spent with friends, a night for throwing fiestas called ‘cotillones’ or for gathering in town squares under the old clock tower waiting for it to strike twelve. According to tradition, you eat 12 grapes on each chime of the clock at midnight. Each grape represents a month of the coming year, so if you eat all twelve it is said to be good fortune for the whole year.


New Year’s Party venues in Valencia:


Bring in the New Year at Plaza del Ayuntamiento

The City Hall of Valencia is organizing a light and sound show to welcome the New Year. After the bells strike at midnight, a big fireworks show begins. At the finale, the balcony of the City Hall transforms into a stage with live DJ performances. The party will go on til around 2am! 


Join a mysterious New Year’s Eve celebration

For those looking for a bit of a secretive night, Enigmatium sets up an evening that consists of dinner plus performances in a venue the guests have to wait to find out about. A few days before New Year’s Eve, clues are sent to solve the mystery, like a specific location in Valencia, and those going need to guess and find out where the restaurant is located!


Dance the night away

Another way to experience New Year’s  Eve in Valencia is by dancing until the sun comes up and in the morning have some «chocolate con churros.»

Valencia has a wide range of places to choose from, clubs like Mya, Veles e Vents, Cream, Fryda, Maybe or Le Premier, Marina Beach Club or venues like Wah Wah will have their doors widely open for the New Year dancing all night long.

Enjoy the New Year’s festivities in Valencia and check out our Facebook page here to stay tuned for more information about current events in Valencia!

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