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Student Interview: 12 Week Spanish Student with Host Family

We interviewed a student joining us from the USA about her time in Valencia. She came for 12 weeks to follow her dream of moving to Spain and studying Spanish. During her program, she did intensive Spanish classes with 20 hours a week and stayed with a host family.

Why did you decide to study Spanish?

It was a dream of mine to study Spanish in Spain, where the language is spoken and where I can also get to know the culture, traditions and lifestyle of the country. 

Why did you choose to come to Valencia? What do you like most about the city? Is there anything difficult or challenging for you here?

I chose Valencia for its Mediterranean climate. I like it since it’s not a huge or busy city, but it is not too small and there is a lot going on. I love the lifestyle, with people going out until late at night, old people holding hands and small children playing outside all day long. People are very kind and well-mannered. The only thing that I find difficult is that people smoke a lot and I am quite sensitive to cigarette smoke.

What is your experience staying with a host family?

I really like it, my host mama is great, I get to learn a lot about Valencia and Spain just by talking to her. She also cooks very well, so I get to know the Spanish customs and cuisine through her delicious meals. We get along well and I am forced to practice my Spanish with her, as this is our only language of communication.

You are studying with EUROACE for 8 weeks now, what do you think about your progress with Spanish during this time? What do you think about the teachers at EUROACE?

I have made tremendous progress! I started from a basic level, and now I can talk in present, past and future tense. I made friends with some of my fellow students. Some of them do not speak English, so it’s great that we communicate in Spanish. The teachers are all great, my teacher Estefa is amazing, she manages to have a personal approach to every student, no matter what their level of Spanish, and very successfully involves all students in the group to actively participate in the class activities. We also have lots of fun and laugh a lot in the classes, which makes the learning much more enjoyable. 

Have you joined some of the EUROACE activities, organized for the students?

Yes! I joined the walking tour of Valencia, the bike tour in Turia Park, the trip to the Utiel winery, and the flamenco and tapas night, which I enjoyed a lot. I was so looking forward to seeing a flamenco show and it was great, both the music, dancing, and the food. I also attended some of the yoga and essentrics classes. 

Would you give any advice to students coming to Spain to study Spanish?

Yes, I would advise them to be open-minded, integrate the most with the locals and not to compare too much with their native country. Every country is unique, do not ask too often why things are the way they are,  just embrace it.

Would you recommend EUROACE to future Spanish students?

Yes, absolutely – for the great teachers, friendly and supportive staff, small classes and great location in central Valencia.

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