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The Best Way to Successfully Learn Spanish

Many people wonder how best to learn a new language and which methods work and which ones don’t. While there are many techniques, one of them always stands out above the rest, and that is IMMERSION. Language immersion is one of the best ways to pick up a language because you don’t learn by the book, rather, you learn another language in a practical and meaningful way. This learning approach may include non-traditional learning opportunities like family homestays or conversation exchanges with locals. Full immersion is the best way to learn Spanish, and here’s how you can do it…


Spanish from day one!

The best thing to do is start speaking Spanish every day, from the very first day! Signing up for a Spanish language course in Spain is a great idea and will mean learning from native speakers and professional language teachers. The aim of many language schools, including Euroace, is to get students speaking the language as soon as possible, adopting a very interactive teaching style for each student to be motivated to participate. 


Live like a Spaniard

Living with a supportive host family during your time in Spain can be hugely important in making you feel more comfortable and in helping you make faster progress in your language learning. Spending time with native speakers will encourage you to learn new words in new ways that you can’t always pick up in the classroom. You will make much faster progress as you’ll be putting your skills to use outside the classroom as well, with native speakers of all ages.Daily life with your host family will teach you so much about the culture and traditions too.


Getting out of the classroom 

A part of a language immersion program is also showing students the culture, history and traditions of the country they go to. In Spain you have plenty to explore! Spanish schools often organize excursions to historical towns, dance nights featuring traditional Spanish dances like flamenco, sevillana, zarzuela etc. and cultural visits to fairs and local events. In this way you get to know the local culture, fellow students and the local community, and you get the chance to practice what you have learned in a real life situation. 


Language Exchange 

Language Exchange groups are a popular way of language learning in Spain. Language schools often organize these events to give students the opportunity to practice speaking Spanish with local people, other fellow students as well as other learners of both languages, the most famous being Spanish and English. If you wish to join a weekly English-Spanish language exchange in Valencia, just get in touch with us. 


If you are considering an immersion course in Spain, click here to find out more!

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