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How to Keep Fit and Healthy in Valencia?

Staying fit and healthy while abroad isn’t easy; neither is adjusting to a new country and culture. Whether due to delicious gastronomy, tempting nightlife, or a schedule overload, your health is usually the first to suffer. Finding ways to stay in shape overseas is a great way to get out of your comfort zone, learn more about your new town, and connect with people with similar interests. Sports activities will also help you to feel better and overcome any homesickness you may be experiencing!

Here are our best tips for enjoyable ways to keep fit while in Valencia:


  1. Eat healthy and stay hydrated

Worried that all the jamón and churros con chocolate you are now enjoying will eventually start to take their toll? No need to worry, just start following the traditional Spanish diet! Briefly explained, the Spanish diet is high in olive oil, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and cereals.  Fish and seafood are also preferred over poultry and eggs, which are still enjoyed in moderation — as are dairy products (mainly cheese and yogurt) and red wine. So, it’s a healthy choice to try the local way of eating!

Try the typical cuisine of Valencia (including paella Valenciana) as well as the healthy and nutritious gazpacho (like a cold tomato soup). Also, make sure you stay hydrated and drink a lot of water each day, especially in summer!


  1. Take advantage of great weather

Take advantage of the beautiful Valencian weather and the awesome sights and beaches, just start walking! It is lovely to pass through the Turia gardens or pass by the beautiful Plaza de Toros or the picturesque Mercado de Colon instead of spending time and money on metro or bus tickets.


  1. Try yoga classes 

Yoga is becoming very popular and that is true in Valencia too. Valencia offers lots of wonderful outdoor locations where you can do yoga with friends or in organized classes. The Turia riverbed gardens are an awesome location, as well as the beaches in Valencia. There are many indoor centers where you can join organized yoga lessons with certified instructors too.


  1. Running

With good weather throughout the year, Valencia is the perfect place to go for a run! You can find lots to runners in the Turia Park or enjoy a long beach run from the Valencia Port all the way to Alboraya. On the way back you can stop for a drink in one of the «chiringuitos» (bars) or go for a tasty paella in some of the restaurants, with priceless sea views.

If you need a push when it comes to running, sign up for a  race to have the motivation to go out and run. Besides traditional Marathon and Half Marathon races, there are very interesting races that don’t require very intensive preparation – like the 5km Breakfast Run taking  place on the 29th of November (a day before the big Marathon event) in the Turia Park or the 32nd Port of Valencia Race – 10km, taking place on 15th of December.


  1. Cycling

If you are not into running or walking, try biking. Valencia is very flat and so perfect for this sport! It’s a great workout and you can choose between buying your own bike or using the public Valenbisi network, with bike stations throughout the city. You can even sign up for touristic bike tours too!


  1. Competitive group sports

If you are a fan of competitive team sports, football – the most popular sport in Spain- provides opportunities to join local football clubs both for men and women. What’s more, you may wish to try sports that are not so traditional here, like field hockey at the Betera Stadium or rugby with the CAU Rugby Valencia, who play and train in the Turia Gardens.


As we believe that staying healthy while studying abroad is just as important as studying, we also organize sporting activities for our students on our premises at Euroace. We have an amazing roof terrace where we hold yoga classes as well as other forms of group physical exercise. Come join us  and enjoy the beautiful sites of Valencia. You can click here to find out more about the activities we offer!


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