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Faculty Interview: High School Spanish Program

Francisco is a High School Spanish teacher who came to Valencia with his students for a week long study abroad program, combining Spanish classes with cultural activities.

Check out what he had to say about his time in Valencia with Euroace!


1. Why did you choose Valencia as a destination for your Custom Program?

Valencia is the perfect destination for its geographical situation and climate. It is very handy and it has plenty of life and character and a full variety of interesting activities to do. 


2. What did your Custom Program entail?

Our program consisted in full mornings of Spanish lessons and a variety of cultural, gastronomical and historical activities as well as visits during the afternoon and evening.


3. Describe a typical day for your students during their study abroad program.

Our students started the Spanish lessons at 9:00am and finished at 1:00pm every day with a break around 11:00am. We had a personalized program focusing on our preparation for the GCSE and IGSE exams. After having a typical lunch, we started the afternoon activities, consisting of a bike tour, visit to the Oceanographic, a paella course, a guided city tour, or a visit to Mestalla football stadium, etc… During the late afternoon we had some time to go shopping and rest and at the evenings we had a traditional tapas dinner followed by a flamenco show.


4. What activities did the students take part in where they could interact with local people or other international students? 

Students were constantly interacting with local people during the day and practicing Spanish, for example in the Oceanographic, the guided city tour, the Mestalla tour, or when they went shopping. During the morning they had the possibility of talking to different students around the world during their Spanish classes at Euroace.


5. What were the advantages of taking your students on a study abroad program with Euroace?

The main advantage is that Euroace is very flexible and we were able to have a personalized program, which meant we could change or add any activity or visit, depending on availability, during the trip. More advantages are that Euroace organized the entire program, from lessons to places to stay to activities and visits. They are very friendly and someone from their team was always with us to help out.


6. What were the students favorite parts of the program?

Students have different opinions and preferences but in general the favorite activities were: the bike tour, the paella course, the tapas dinner, the flamenco show and the boat trip around Albufera.


7. Is there any advice you’d give to other staff leaders before embarking on a Custom Program to Valencia?

Valencia is a fabulous city, very safe, quite small and you can do thousands of things. Try to do as much as possible and enjoy as much as you can!


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